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What to eat in Singapore

The best restaurants, bars and hawkers to eat, drink and be see at. Recipes to try, interviews with food personalities and the latest food news
Hot New Restaurants: PasarBella Suntec What to Eat
The new PasarBella at Suntec City is an elevated hipster-ish food court with one small retail section and 13 vendors offering everything from Korean fried chicken, vegan-friendly desserts, burgers and pimped up rolls
Feast on Kagoshima Advertorial
From the finest wagyu and exquisite tuna to unforgettable sweet potato shochu, Kagoshima’s bounty fills your table at Chikuyotei. Read on for exclusive HungryDeals!
Miss Tam Chiak's Ultimate Butter Cookies Recipe Recipes
The Ultimate Butter Cookies recipe that yields a melt-in-the-mouth cookie with an unbeatable rich butter fragrance. Reproduced with permission from Miss Tam Chiak. View original recipe at:
BPL Season
Catch all the BPL action at these locations
What to Eat
This Serangoon Gardens food centre may be smaller in size to the average, but the food choices there do not disappoint, especially for the dinner and supper crowd. Here are recommendations on what to eat