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    Fried rice with pounded dried shrimp

New Openings

Brew Maison

Brew Maison

Brew Maison is a new cafe that is inspired by Japanese and Korean styles with a touch of warm and cosy ambiance.



Located in Amoy Food Centre on Maxwell Road, Mamacitas serves Costa Rican Cuisine.

Koryo Korean Baked Chicken

Koryo Korean Baked Chicken

Koryo Korean Baked Chicken serves a box of full Korean meal. You can make your own set boxes at your choice and prefer taste.



Sprigs is a modern European restaurant. Its chic and elegant interior is set to inspire and delight. The menu is a symphony of french influence and a little Italian diversity. A handpicked selection of french wines, gourmet coffees and teas (Gyphon), goes a long way to complement the dining experience.