5 foodie experiences not to miss

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3 July 2014 12:37 PM Updated 15 Jan 2015

5 foodie experiences not to miss

Having a good meal is probably one of the favourite hobbies of Singaporean locals. Singapore’s reputation as a food city has also far preceded herself internationally: Singapore has much to offer in terms of unique food dining experiences, as well as an entire host of international restaurants. Here’s a unique blend of foodscape every foodie has to experience:

1. Go local

Most tourists who come to Singapore will have chilli crab at the top of their must-eat list, but locals will know that there is so much more our city of food offers. From spicy sambal dishes to the fragrant wok hei flavours of fried noodles and rice dishes, to fusion food borne from our multi-cultural background, you will be spoilt for choice. The way to experience our local unique dishes is outdoors at coffeeshops or hawker centres. The robust flavours, spices and richness of local food is best washed down with a light and refreshing Coke Zero.

Everyone has their favourite hawker centres to feast on local delights and you can find a good mix at Newton Circus Food CentreChomp Chomp Food Centre , and more. For more specific dishes, Boon Tong Kee has sealed itself as the go-to place for chicken rice ($10-$15) while Punggol Nasi Lemak Centre is popular for those craving for a bite of a fragrant coconut rice (From $5). Those who like a restaurant setting for their meals instead can go to the crowd-pleaser Jumbo Seafood Restaurant located around the island.

2. Café-hopping 

Who would have seen the cafe boom coming five years ago? The foodscape has been transformed with a new niche carved out for brunches, waffles and craft coffee. As most cafes tend to have an al fresco area and serve iced Coca-Cola, which is great for helping to cool down in the heat.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware is well-loved as one of the pioneers in Singapore for a cafe experience. For newer recommendations, try Sun Ray Cafe – it’s dog-friendly - and Percolate has an extensive range of brew options ($3.80-4.50) within its humble space.

3. It’s a cosmopolitan world out there

Look for any cuisine in Singapore and you will probably find it available. Our city is so culturally mixed, it shows in our foodscape: Japanese and Korean cuisine are now a common dinner options. Soothe your tastebuds with chilled Coca-Cola as you have your spicy kimchi stews or Japanese nabe (hot pot). For those who have been hooked on Korean bulgogi or Japanese yakitori, these dishes are amazing with ice cold Coca-Cola as the perfect after-hours treat!

For an authentic experience, Kim's Family Restaurant is run by a Korean family and has been a popular choice for many craving their kimchi. Sushi Express and Itacho Sushi have many outlets conveniently located around the island for those looking for a fix of sushi or you can get yakitoris and other Japanese mains at the affordable yet unique Box N Sticks.

4.  Dim sum whenever, wherever

For a country which is predominantly made up of Chinese, it is fitting Singapore loves her dim sum. It has been to the extent that we have inspired halal dim sum, now available even at convenient stores. Dim sum is a meal option for breakfast, lunch, dinner, even supper in Singapore. You will be surprised how well this goes with Coca-Cola: it gives you a refreshing taste that you may need with the steamed delights.

Early birds can enjoy a refined breakfast of dim sum at Royal China  or Red Star Chinese Restaurant for a more authentic experience, complete with dim sum on pushcarts. Wen Dao Shi and Swee Choon Dim Sum are two hot spots for those craving for dim sum at night.

5. Dining by the riverside 

We may not have mountains and lakes on our island but our rivers present quite a stunning city view to go with a dining experience. Bars, seafood restaurants and plenty more options pepper one side of the Singapore River, while enclaves of restaurants can be found at Marina Bay Sands or Quayside Isle. The lights reflected off the buildings add a romantic note to the view to enjoy alongside your meals.

If you are looking for something between a bar and a restaurant, dig into a cosmopolitan menu at Kinki Bar & Restaurant with a view of the majestic Marina Bay Sands. Sabio By The Sea offers a beautiful view with a gorgeous selection of Spanish food, quite different from its other branch at Duxton Road.

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