MARIGOLD's new natural flavour yoghurt drink

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3 June 2014 12:25 PM Updated 14 Jul 2014

MARIGOLD's new natural flavour yoghurt drink

MARIGOLD’s 0% Fat Yoghurt Drink now comes with a new natural flavour,a popular flavour in many other categories such as milk and yoghurt.

The new natural flavour yoghurt drink is refreshing with its pure taste and silky, smooth texture. All original goodness.

MARIGOLD’s 0% Fat Yoghurt Drink also contains live probiotic cultures, which are “good” bacteria to promote healthy digestive system in the intestines and colon.

For the health-conscious, MARIGOLD’s yoghurt drink contains calcium, has zero per cent fat, zero per cent cholesterol, no preservatives and is at least 25 per cent lower in sugar and saturated fats than regular yoghurt drinks. It is awarded with the Health Promotion Board’s “Healthier Choice” symbol, making it an ideal choice for many.

It is now available at major hypermarkets, supermarkets and provision stores.

Other refreshing flavours include: as strawberry, mixed berries, mango, fruits & vegetables with wheatgrass, orange, and pink grapefruit.

MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yoghurt Drink. Feel good. Look good.


Stand a chance to win $50 worth shopping vouchers from MARIGOLD.

To stand a chance to win, answer this question:
What does Natural and Original’ mean to you?
Click on the question above to submit your answers. Answers should be in not more than 20 words. The top 30 answers will win.

The contest has ended. Thank you for your participation! 

Congratulations to the winners! The winners will be notified by email about prize collection. 

First Name:FIN/NRIC:
neha sharmaSxxxx166H
Kim Gek AngSxxxx659G
Lee Kai LianSxxxx091G
Marcus TangSxxxx752Z
Jamie ChawSxxxx161d
Karthik NagaSxxxx160f
Lynette YooSxxxx824F
Neo BangSxxxx376F
Carmen AngSxxxx757F
Hazlinda MohidinSxxxx474G
Qin Min leeSxxxx150D
Tan Cheng ChengSxxxx031F
Yi WongSxxxx014A
Siak Wei OwSxxxx355J
Lena ChanSxxxx529F
shawn tohsxxxx075a
Kim Lian LeeSxxxx045H
Anthony HiiSxxxx612F
Tiffany ShiaSxxxx672I
cecilia mahSxxxx793B
Sarah LimSxxxx831A
Isabella KeeSxxxx309I
Ng Jing LiSxxxx822I
Adeline AngSxxxx478H
Wong PriscillaSxxxx053G
Ho ShermanSxxxx557F
Hon Fah ChiaSxxxx162Z
SK HowSxxxx907G

Terms & Conditions:

1. The “MARIGOLD’s 0% Fat Yoghurt Drink” contest is opened to all Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents / Students / Work Pass holders, except employees of SingTel Digital Media Pte Ltd (“STDM”). Employees of STDM and MARIGOLD are eligible to participate but are not eligible to win in the contest.

2. The contest will run from Tuesday, 3 June to Thursday, 3 July 2014, 11.59 p.m.

3. Contestants are required to answer the questions posted in the contest article. To qualify, contestants must fill up their particulars and submit their answer in the entry form and click on the ‘submit’ button to submit their entry online. The access the entry form, readers will have to click on the 'entry form here' in the contest article.

4. Multiple entries submitted through by the same individual per NRIC / Passport Number / Email will be disqualified.

5. There will be only 30 winners. The winners will each receive a $50 shopping voucher from MARIGOLD. The prizes are not exchangeable for cash. The winners will be announced on Friday 11 July, 2014.

6. STDM is not responsible for lost, late, incomplete, misdirected, delayed, or undelivered entries, including without limitation entries not timely received due to telephone failures, Internet failures and disruptions, and ISP problems. Incomplete information may result in disqualification of entry. By providing your e-mail address, you grant STDM, the right to send you commercial messages.

7. The best 30 entries to win the prize will be selected at the sole discretion of MARIGOLD and STDM. STDM’s decision is final with respect to all matters relating to the award of the prizes and shall not be subject to review or appeal by you or any third party. STDM reserves the right to replace any Winner subsequently found to be disqualified for any reason.

8. To redeem the prizes, the winner must present his/her identification card number or passport bearing the name and number corresponding to the information given on the website. STDM may, at its sole and absolute discretion, declare any entry void if the winner fails to produce such proper identification documents.

10. All prizes must be collected by Thursday 31 July, 2014, at SingTel Digital Media, 31C Exeter Road, Comcentre III, Atrium, Level 1. Prizes that are not collected by Thursday 31 July, 2014, 5 p.m. at SingTel Digital Media, 31C Exeter Road, Comcentre III, Atrium, Level 1 will be considered forfeited.

11. Winners’ names, pictures and prizes may be used for publicity reasons by STDM. Winners’ information may be used for marketing, planning, promotions, research, events and/or any other purposes and programs henceforth. Acceptance of the prize is considered as consent to this usage.

12. All entry content shall become the property of STDM with Participants agreeing to allow STDM to use and/or amend the entry contents in any manner it deems fit, including publishing the answers of the winners on STDM's websites, press and/or any other media. STDM fully reserves the rights to such publications.

13. STDM reserves the right at any time to replace any participant and/or winner subsequently found to be disqualified for any reason.

14. STDM reserves its rights to determine an outcome and act as it deems fit in any dispute(s).

15. Apart from the Announcement and Notification, STDM is not obliged to issue any reminders or notifications regarding deadlines.

16. For the avoidance of doubt, Notification is deemed complete upon sending of the email notice to the email address provided by the Contestant upon registration with and

17. In an event where a winner fails to respond to the Notification, and/or for whatever reasons fails, neglects and/or refuses to claim the prize for whatever reason, he/she will thereby be disqualified from the Competition. In such event, no compensation is payable and STDM reserves the right to re-pick another winner.

18. STDM reserves the right to substitute the competition prize with an equivalent prize without prior notice.

19. No correspondence and/or claims will be entertained. No correspondence regarding the rules of the game and/or its results will be entertained. STDM reserves its rights to determine an outcome and act as it deems fit in any dispute(s) and/or issue(s) relating thereto. The names and photos of the prize winners may be published by STDM on

These Rules shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore.

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