52 best Japanese restaurants and eateries

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5 August 2013 11:57 AM Updated 13 Apr 2016

52 best Japanese restaurants and eateries

We love Japanese food, and we know many who never tire of it. So instead of always wracking our brains for which Japanese restaurants to recommend, it made perfect sense for us to put together the ultimate guide to the best Japanese restaurants and eateries in Singapore.

While you might think 52 places might be too much to be a best-of guide (oh we did too), let us set forth that this guide is all-encompassing: from bentos to fast food and fine dining, to Japanese desserts, the best teppanyaki restaurant in Singapore and the top tonkatsu of the city. After all, Japanese food isn't just about sushi and sashimi (we have picks for those too). And we wouldn't be doing our Japanese dining scene justice if we stuck to those...


Best affordable Japanese restaurants

Best affordable Japanese restaurants
Dependable Japanese eats that will not burn a hole in your pocket
Japanese Buffets

Best Japanese buffets
From all you can eat sashimi to udon, yakitori and tonkatsu, these spreads have it all.
Japanese sushi chain restaurants

Best sushi chain restaurants
We roll up the best Japanese joints, conveyor belt and la carte.
Japanese curry rice

Best Japanese curry rice
A thick, hearty curry with familiar flavours tops our charts
Japanese desserts

Best Japanese desserts
We cannot get enough of matcha, mochi and Japanese-inspired French bakes. Here are our top picks
Japanese fast food restaurants

Best Japanese fast foods
From grab-and-go sushi to yakitori, takoyaki and the Japanese snack foods you should be eating - we pick only the best
Japanese fine dining restaurants

Best Japanese fine dining restaurants
The top high end Japanese dining experiences in Singapore
Japanese fusion restaurants

Best Japanese fusion restaurants
Singapore's best restaurants for Japanese-meets-western cuisine
General Japanese restaurants

Best general Japanese restaurants
The top all-rounders of the Japanese restaurants in Singapore

Best izakayas
The top eateries in Singapore for small plates and sake
Best kaiseki and omakase restaurants in Singapore

Best kaiseki and omakase restaurants
The top "up to the chef" Japanese restaurants in Singapore
Best bentos and lunch sets

Best bentos, Japanese lunch sets and takeaways
The top set meals and the best place to get sushi-to-go in Singapore
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