King of pineapple tarts

By Julia Khoo
13 January 2011 3:45 PM Updated 15 Jan 2016

King of pineapple tarts

There’s just three weeks to go before Chinese New Year. It’s time to start stocking up on festive goodies!

One item that nearly everyone stocks up on is pineapple tarts. They are a must-have for several reasons. In Chinese, pineapple sounds similar to the auspicious phrase “arrival of prosperity”. Also, these golden tarts resemble gold ingots—another symbol of wealth. Lastly, people love pineapple tarts simply because they taste so delicious!

Our panel of finicky tasters sat down for a taste-test of pineapple tarts from five highly recommended bakeries. Which ones made the cut, and which ones didn’t?

264 Middle Road / 42 Cambridge Road, #01-02 (branch)

Usual price: $8.50 for 10 pieces (price will increase up to $12.80 one week before Chinese New Year)

Rating: 4.5/5

Le Café’s giant “golf-ball” tarts have been touted as the gold standard for pineapple tarts. Indeed, we were bowled over by their distinct size and excellent taste.

The moment we opened the bottle, a delicious buttery aroma wafted from within. The rich, fragrant crust was crisp on the exterior, and managed to be light without being too crumbly.

The pineapple jam was just as well-made as the crust. Its texture and coarseness was just right. Although it tasted rather sweet at first, a mild tartness kicked in later to balance out the sweetness. As a whole, the tart was very appetizing and made us crave for more!

Most of us liked Le Café’s large-sized tarts because it looked so visually inviting. However, there were some tasters who preferred a smaller size as they’re very filling. It was also very heavy on the jam; some of us preferred to have more crust to balance out the sweetness of the jam.

That said, those were just minor nitpicks. Le Café’s outstanding tarts are bound to please even the fussiest pineapple tart lover!

To order, call: 6337 2417 (Middle Rd), 6298 1477 (Cambridge Rd)

1 Raffles Place, #B1-05/06 OUB Centre

Price: $14.00 (500g)

Rating: 4/5

Apart from the pineapple jam, there was plenty to like about Mirana Cake House’s round tarts.

One common complaint was the too-sweet jam. Some of us also felt that it tasted like the pre-packed type. But if it really was, it was a good quality one, as the jam tasted delightfully fresh and juicy.

Luckily, the overly sweet jam was complemented by the right amount of crust, which we all enjoyed. It was sufficiently buttery and fragrant, with a lovely melt-in-the-mouth sensation. Also, there was a hint of smooth milkiness. The size was just right for popping the entire tart into the mouth.

If not for the excessively sweet jam, this would have been an excellent all-rounder.

To order, call: 6533 8302

529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-2369 / #01-2329

Price: $20.00 (30 pieces)

Rating: 3.5/5

The best part of this open-faced tart was the pineapple jam. Fresh and juicy, the jam had a very rustic and homemade quality. It tasted zesty and not-too sweet, very more-ish indeed! The slightly coarser texture is good for those who prefer more bite in their jam.

However, we weren’t as impressed with the crust. It lacked a smooth, buttery fragrance. Thankfully, the thin crust was sufficiently airy, moist and crumbly.

When eaten as a whole, the tart was rather light and easy on the palate. Improve the crust, and this would be a killer tart.

Ordering available only through website:


Price: $31.80 (approx. 660 gms)

Rating: 2.5/5

Bengawan Solo has two kinds of pineapple tarts. For this review, we taste-test their pricier Premium Pineapple Tarts. Is it really worth the extra dollars?

Sadly, the answer is no. The tarts smelled fragrant, but when we tasted them, the crust lacked flavour. The texture was too dry, crumbly and grainy. Some of us commented that the tart crust had a slight “industrial” taste.

Those who prefer a tart pineapple jam might enjoy this version. But we found that it was too sour for our liking. Also, the jam was too fibrous.

Considering the disappointing quality and high price tag for Bengawan Solo’s premium tarts, we think we’ll just stick to their regular tarts.

Bengawan Solo

216G Syed Alwi Road, #01-06

Price: $15.00

Rating: 1/5

Cambridge Deli’s pineapple tarts seemed to have taken a nosedive in quality this year. Visually, their open-faced tarts looked attractive. But they looked much better than they tasted. The crust was floury and bland, while the jam was dense, too sweet, and lacked a fruity flavour. We rated it 1/5 for effort.

To order, call: 9798 3341

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