Appam worth waking up early for

By Esther Au Yong
5 July 2010 4:15 PM Updated 05 Jul 2010

Appam worth waking up early for

This stall is famous for its thosai and appam, and we were especially excited to try the latter.

Also known as hoppers, these are bowl-shaped pancakes made from fermented rice flour, similar to thosai. However, for appam, the sides are crispy and thin, while the centre is thick, spongy and soft. Making good appam is definitely not an easy technique to master.

We tried the plain ($1.80 for two), cheese ($1.50) and egg appam ($1.50). They were served with shredded coconut and delicate, powdery brown sugar. All the appam were delicious and done really well, especially the egg version. The edges of the appam were paper-thin and lightly browned, literally melting in the mouth. The spongy centre, which was just slightly sour due to the fermentation process, picked up the coconut and sugar accompaniments well. The combination was pleasing and very moreish.

The egg appam stood out because of the runny yolk which added to the spongy, moist texture of the appam’s middle. The added fragrance of the egg also made the appam much more appetising.

Meanwhile, we also tried the egg thosai ($1.50), which had a good texture and thickness (about 0.5cm). Soft and moist, but not oily, the flatbread mopped up the tasty dhal and fresh coconut chutney well. However, it lacked a certain “X” factor, especially when compared to the star dish, the appam.

The stall also sells putu mayam, which looks something like a mesh of vermicelli at $1.80 per set.


Rating: 3.5/5


Heaven’s Indian Curry

#01-15, Ghim Moh Road Food Centre, Blk 20 Ghim Moh Road

Opening hours:Daily: 6am till food runs out (about 2pm)

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