Taste test: KFC's Spicy Korean Craze

By Priyanka Chand Agarwal
28 November 2013 11:31 AM Updated 14 Jan 2014

Taste test: KFC's Spicy Korean Craze

Hot on the heels of our taste test of McDonald's Ebi Burger taste test, we sink our teeth into yet another fast food offerring that has Singapore excited. KFC's 'Korean Craze' is a spicy twist on their usual fried chicken and Zinger burger. 

The seasonal menu launched on 27 November and we werent sure if queue-loving Singaporeans would have cleaned out KFC's Korean Craze stock. We took a chance and the first KFC outlet we went to (Tiong Bahru Plaza) satisfied our craving. We spied a people ordering these, but the 'Craze' is yet to hit, we think. 

KFC calls it the  'ultimate taste from Korea' and what is on offer is a Spicy Korean Burger ($5.50) and Spicy Korean Crunch fried chicken ($3.70 for one piece). We went in with high hopes of kimchi flavoured chicken and fiery sauces.  

What we ordered: Spicy Korean Box (Spicy Korean Burger + one piece Spicy Korean Chicken + mashed potatoes + lemonade, $8.80) and Spicy Korean Crunch Meal (Two pieces of Spicy Korean Chicken + fries + lemonade, $8.20)
The chicken: KFC's Hot and Crispy chicken (marinated in spices and peppers and then fried) is the reason we go to KFC. The sinful, yet light crunch and shatter has many fans (us included). The Spicy Korean chicken is what you get when they glaze over a sweet and spicy Korean sauce and some sesame seeds to fried chicken. The sauce is not as spicy as we would have liked, but we like that is just the right amount of sauce-to-chicken ratio. The sesame seeds an an interesting flavour dimension. 
The burger: Is basically a mildly spicier Zinger. The fried chicken fillet is coated with the same Korean sauce (as the chicken) before mayo, tomatoes and lettuce are added. The addition of mayo dilutes the spicyness of the burger and we were left underwhelmed. This needs a bigger douse of chilli to live up to its name. 
Value for money: The prices are in line with KFC's usual offerings, where a a regular Zinger burger is $5.10 and the Hot & Crispy Chicken, $3.30 for one piece. The Spicy Korean Box however is incredibly good value, we would go as far to say that it is good enough to share. 
Also try: While the Spicy Korean menu is worth a try at KFC, for Korean fried chicken that is spicier and in a variety of flavours, give eith 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken or NeNe Chicken a try. 

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