9 reasons you want to win Booker's Banquet

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8 August 2014 6:47 PM Updated 10 Sep 2014

9 reasons you want to win Booker's Banquet

We love doing giveaways. So we’ve decided to up our street (gift) cred with this once in a lifetime dining experience.


1. It's a paid-for eight-course meal
We're paying for you to dine on courses by chefs Jimi Tegerdine of LeVeL33 and chef Paul Hallett of Equinox Restaurant in the first round. Tegerdine is known for his modern interpretation of European cuisine, like chargrilled Black Angus sirloin with potato onion hash and beer malt jus; Hallett's offerings go the fresh route, and we mean more than just the produce from his herb garden taking centrestage. We're excited for the next duo, wouldn't you be? 

2. With five friends
We save you the trouble from playing favourites – where you have to choose one out of your many friends. Win, and no one will be getting you a pen this Christmas.

3. All the privacy you want, almost
You get to dine in seclusion without the curious stares from other diners. And because you're high up at both restaurants, take in the breath-taking bird’s eye view of Singapore as your backdrop.

Booker's Banquet
LeVeL33's dish

4. Dining with the chefs
It’s not every day that a chef would sit and explains their creations to you. So grab this opportunity and pick their brains for cooking tips, hacks, and more.

5. Your very own servers
This is the 'almost' part (in #3). You get to dine with dedicated service staff at your disposal. It’s like your own butler service, for that couple of hours.

6. Specially curated wines
Hand-picked by the in-house sommelier, you can expect top-notch wine pairings for your eight-course menu. Drink away.

7. Bragging rights
Not many can say that they have a fully-paid eight course meal overlooking Singapore. You earned (won) it, so Instagram away. Haters gonna hate.

8) Book away!
Do your usual booking thang - no extra bookings necessary. You can book a table online for free in two easy steps on our updated app.

9. It's a rare dining experience.
A fully paid eight-course menu, a magnificent view of Singapore, personal service staff and five of your friends for company. Need we say more?  


Go to our Bookers' Banquet page to find out more.

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