Win one of 20 TungLok Norwegian salmon yu sheng packs

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16 January 2014 4:31 PM Updated 27 Jan 2014

Win one of 20 TungLok Norwegian salmon yu sheng packs

The Norwegian Seafood council has an offering this Chinese New Year: the Norwegian Salmon Majestic Harvest yu sheng.

Worth $78+, this yu sheng made with Norwegian salmon is big enough to be consumed by up to ten persons and can be bought at all TungLok outlets

Norwegian salmon aquacultureNorwegian salmon is harvested from salmon farms in Norway, where the waters are pristine, cold and clear, and farming practices adhere to strict regulations to ensure a holistic, sustainable practice for the aquaculture industry. The result is salmon meat that is smooth in flavour and plump with omega-3 fatty acids. The consumption of salmon helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

Salmon has a pride of place in Singapore as well, especially in yu sheng dishes that are offered during Chinese New Year. The meat's vibrant red-tinged colour is in line with the symbolism of prosperity, and its versatility makes it the ideal fish for the traditional and varied flavours and spices that are used in yu sheng. 

For more information on Norwegian salmon, read here

Celebrate this Chinese New Year with a Norwegian salmon yu sheng – HungryGoWhere has 20 packs of Norwegian Salmon Majestic Harvest yu sheng to give away. 


Answer this question correctly to be one of 20 winners.

Contest will close at 5pm on Thursday, 23 January 2014.




Contest has ended

Congratulations to:

Wang Cheng Hai SXXXX260Z
Quek Tzu How Kelvin SXXXX800I
Goh Khi Hao SXXXX367G
Selena Soo SXXXX742G
Muhammad Hafiz Bin Sadi SXXXX014F
Brendan Chew San Wei SXXXX174E
Neo Jie Wei SXXXX717J
Ng Swee Hoon SXXXX558F
Helen Phua Lay Leng SXXXX364B
Yip Pao Ling SXXXX236B
Albert Phee Kien Hin SXXXX088F
Goh Eng Lian SXXXX529E
Elvis Chua Jian Hui SXXXX050I
Ong Wee Kwang SXXXX519F
Woon Shi Hui SXXXX341C
Loi Ah Mui SXXXX411D
Chong Yin Leng SXXXX923C
Yoo Su Ling SXXXX772D
See Sze Ping SXXXX488A
Mary Koh SXXXX852I

Winners will be notified by email and vouchers will be mailed by post.  

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