The secrets to a Super Peking duck

By Andre Frois
19 November 2012 1:06 PM Updated 11 Feb 2014

The secrets to a Super Peking duck

Chef Tong, head of Barbecue at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

A decorated and revered figure in regional Chinese cuisine, Chef Tong Yuk Sing, Head of Barbecue at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, recently agreed to give HungryGoWhere some insight into the meticulous preparation of a traditional Peking duck.

super Peking duck
Close up of the crisp yet not dry skin of Imperial Treasure's Super
Peking duck
| Photo: Andre Frois

Having been with Imperial Treasure since its founding almost a decade ago, the culinary stalwart is very stringent about the pedigree of ducks that Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck uses. “The ducks we use have to be a standard 2.7 to 2.8kg in weight and must not have any skin blemishes,” he elaborates. He gets the birds from Malaysia.

He reveals that the style of carving that he teaches the Imperial Treasure staff throughout the region is a time-honoured Beijing technique that was passed down to him by his fellow Peking duck chefs.

To view how Chef Tong Yuk sing prepares the dish, go to The secrets to a Super Peking duck gallery for step-by-step instructions


The recipe for the dish’s homemade wrap is a simple one of corn flour and white flour.

Although the fowl is usually delicately bundled in this white flour pancake with spring onions and cucumber, Chef Tong is not adamant about how different people enjoy their Peking duck, and says that the combination of condiments and sauces should be up to individual tastes. Dip it in the sweet, tangy seafood sauce or not — as long as they enjoy it.

“A good Peking duck should have smooth, crisp skin that is not dry,” he shares. “Its meat has to be very tender — that is why you need a fresh duck. I only use the ducks we receive the day itself, and I have to be careful not to overcook them, because if I don’t, our guests will be able to tell from the roughness of the meat."


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