10 things you didn't know about Gordon Ramsay

By Ken Wong
10 June 2013 12:21 PM Updated 03 Jul 2013

10 things you didn't know about Gordon Ramsay

He has done it all: gone on an expletive-strewn tirade, engaged in cut-throat food bashing, and even walked away graciously from a restaurant. He's now adding hawker food to his repertoire, accepting SingTel's Hawker Heroes challenge. In case you're still in disbelieve, Ramsay sent over another video on Friday, 28 June:

We confess to a love-hate relationship with this Michelin-starred chef, and here are more juicy reasons why:


He could have been a professional footballer
If not for a torn ligament that never really healed, Ramsay could’ve enjoyed a longer career as a professional footballer. He started playing at the age of 12 for an under-14 team in Warwickshire, England, and claims to have played two first team games for former Scottish giants Rangers. Because of the injury, the fiery Scot could only focus on his culinary education, and we all know how that has turned out.


He was a personal chef on a private yacht, Idlewild
After working for almost three years under the equally combustible mentor that is Marco Pierre White at Harvey’s, Ramsay sought out Albert Roux at Mayfair’s Le Gavroche, and then continued his French training under Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon in Paris. The stress levels mounted and eventually swallowed him, forcing Ramsay to take up the quieter job on Idlewild, based in far-flung Bermuda. Idle, and wild… how apt.


He has six celebrity turkeys
Ramsay gets a kick out of naming animals after famous celebrities. Six turkeys he raised were named after celebrity chefs: Antony (Worrall Thompson), Ainsley (Harriott), Jamie (Oliver), Delia (Smith), Gary (Rhodes) and Nigella (Lawson). Pigs and lambs weren’t spared either, with a lamb birthed from a Welsh farm christened Charlotte (its last name is Church).


Celebrity chef Wan opens buffet restaurant
Singapore has voted for the top three Hawker Heroes to be pitted against celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Read about them here


He lost a chopping duel
Talk about life’s surprises and unpredictability. Ramsay had an episode of the cooking show 'The F Word' filmed at Doncaster Prison, where he was suitably impressed by the high-speed vegetable-chopping skills of one convicted burglar, Kieron Tarff. Ramsay challenged him to a chopping duel, lost, and Tarff is now working in one of his three posh London restaurants. It’s a Yellow Ribbon-like gesture that we think deserves more recognition.


The blood he spews isn’t all his
What happened is a little cloudy, but Ramsay has had a ruptured spleen that threatened his life once. He subsequently recovered, thanks to someone’s donated blood. This has led him to lend support to the UK’s National Blood Service, appearing on their “Give Blood” advertisements.


He has appeared as a cartoon
Some may not have noticed, but ‘The Simpsons’ fans will probably remember. Ramsay voiced himself on the popular cartoon series in November 2011, on an episode titled ‘The Food Wife’. We reckon it’s a role he relished, as the familiar censored bleeping echoed throughout his dialogue in Marge’s dream.


He has been held at gunpoint
In his quest to dig deeper into the dark lairs of illegal shark's fin trading, Ramsay found himself in the company of Costa Rican gangsters while filming ‘The Big Fish Fight’. After discovering one of their hideouts – where he spotted shark's fins being left to dry on the rooftop – he was doused with gasoline, held at gunpoint and told to leave and never return.


He’s a vainpot
Ramsay admits to having Botox injections that costs £1,000 (close to S$2,000) a pop, and dental procedures to improve his teeth. He undergoes follicular unit extraction – a procedure that removes hair follicles from lush patches of his scalp and then reinserted where his hairline was thinning. All these would go some way in explaining his seeming youthfulness over the years.


He’s a runner with a heart of gold
Even we were caught out cold by this. Ramsay is a seasoned runner and has completed 10 consecutive London Marathons in 10 years (the last one in 2009). The reason?  To raise money for the Scottish Spina Bifida Association where he has been the Honorary Patron since 2004. The Ramsays were also the first couple to undertake the role of ambassadors for Women’s Aid – a British charity that protects women and children from domestic violence.


He likes erotica
‘50 Shades of Grey’ is his favourite non-food-related read. Need we say more?


Get live Gordon Ramsay updates here. We have the exclusive to follow him around.

WINNERS ANNOUNCES:Find out who won a pair of tickets to front-row seats at Gordon Ramsay's cook-off with SingTel's Hawker Heroes

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