McDonald’s, Gangnam Style

By Celine Asril
25 September 2012 3:21 PM Updated 25 Sep 2012

 McDonald’s, Gangnam Style

We still don’t quite get it. But the kids do, as do the adults; Park Jae Sang’s – or Psy’s - Gangnam Style has taken over the world, one galloping parody after another.

Now McDonald’s is in on it.   

Why? Why not? Think about it: Gangnam Style has been mocked by the government of North Korea; it’s been deemed ‘wholesome’ by TIME Magazine; and it’s got Thai gangs dancing before a shootout. This music video’s a transcending piece of art, the same way a contemporary painting hangs in the museum for open interpretation. No wonder everyone wants a piece of this horse pie. We rein it in, from fries to tau huay:


The Gangnam Style Mcshaker fries photo that has gone
viral | Photo credit: 9Gag

Gangnam Style McShaker fries

If Malaysia's McDonald's is right, 'Gangnam' is a verb (see Step 2), not a posh district in the south of Seoul.

Translation from Malay to English:

“McShaker Fries
Shake and enjoy

Step 1: Cast
Place the fries and contents of the McShaker flavouring packet in the bag.

Step 2: Gangnam Style
Gangnam the top portion of the bag vigorously, and shake the contents.

Step 3: Enjoy
Open the bag and enjoy your McShaker fries.

(This McShaker bag comes free of charge with every purchase of a large portion of fries.)”

Psy's tweeted about it.


Gangnam Style teh tarik

Penang, Malaysia, takes its Gangnam Style teh tarik very seriously:


Gangnam Style tau huay

Of course, local YouTube vlogger Dee Kosh throws tau huay into his Singaporean parody of Gangnam Style (at the 1:24 mark):



We're sure this will not be the end of Gangnam Style food parodies. For a fitting regime, may we recommend:


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