We predict what you'll be eating and drinking in 2014

By Celine Asril
24 January 2014 5:28 PM Updated 24 Jan 2014

We predict what you'll be eating and drinking in 2014

Twenty-thirteen has barely turned its fixed gear bike wheels and hipster-toting froth-covered beards around and we're already galloping straight out of 'industrial chic' cafes into 2014.

While 2013 was the year of concrete surrounds, spindly-wired light fixtures, eggs Benedict, secret cocktail bars, celebrity chef exchanges (Albert Adria for Catalunya, for one) and pop-ups (pseudo – Temporium, or not – Savour 4x4 and Gastrogig), 2014 looks to be a year that will stand its ground(s). 


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What we’ll be drinking on 2014

This will be a year of less latte art and more ground-your-own self-procured beans, sipped quietly at home. With that comes fewer Instagrams of latte art and more of unusual coffee contraptions. Although coffee is still not proven to be entirely harmful for you (you'd have thought some sort of a conclusion would have been reached by now), teas – coffee's antithesis – are touted to be the next big (hipster) pinkie-sip, what with Starbucks leading the way having purchased Teavana, a United States-based tea specialist.

Teas – loose leaf, premium ones to be exact – will be 2014's beverage, as will juice fasts. It makes sense as lifestyles are going the healthy route. White teas, specifically, are known to promise a wealth of healthful properties.

Juice fasts will likely stay for another year, even with the World Health Organization tackling sugar intake levels; it will take at least another year to catch on to the more-harmful-than-not effects of drinking juice sugars. I mean, we’ve not taken to the updated USDA food pyramid, have we?


What we’ll be eating/cooking in 2014

In the past year, chia seeds and quinoa crept its way into many (salad) bowls, and the overdemand for these seeds and grains will continue as the variety of seeds and grains expands in Singapore. ‘Gluten-free’ will be a buzzword, though that is not to say that, in corresponding effect, the prices (and unpopularity) of kale will go down.

The Paleo diet is here to stay. Although we think this diet might eventually die of heart problems like the Atkins. Carbs are not likely to be resurrected anytime soon – it died a wrongful, bitter death, and grieving has not even begun. To be sure, we’ll have to monitor the popularity of restaurants like the new paleo restaurant, Caveman Food


mEXICAN restaurants Singapore
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Restaurants & cafes of 2014

Over on the other grills, roast meats, grilled meats and off-cuts will be the main feature in restaurants, with WOLF leading the pack. There will also be a hook back to homely foods and kitchens (W39 Bistro + Bakery, Crab in Da Bag), and more complex fusion restaurants (Table 24, BAM! and Izy). Food will go back to basics, as will cocktails. We're not likely to turn to vegetarianism as a mainstream cuisine soon, but we're predicting that veggies as a main dish will slowly rise up.

Caribbean restaurant (one, namely) failed to take off last year, but Mexican restaurants did (Lower East Side Tacqueria, Hombre Cantina, and more). Twenty-fourteen will be the year for Brazilian foods because of the World Cup (here’s your chance to make good, Carnivore!), not forgetting Burmese and Korean as Myanmar and K-pop popularities continue to rise.

More dual-faceted restaurants will sprout (No Menu Bar, Jekyll and Hyde, Two Face Pizza and Taproom), while hybrid foods will begin to take a mutant foothold in these parts of the world, with local twists, of course: we’ve already begun with our version of the Luther Burger – the ramen burger.

Cafes will move away from the grey spaces that they were in 2013, and into upcycled, mismatched vintage-loving spaces like those of Ronin, {Working Title} and Wheelers’ Yard. Oh, and the cat café – as weird as it is, it’ll survive, and maybe even spawn.

Old school bakes will burst back onto the scene like a woman out of a cake. Similarly, concepts that embrace the traditional (Sinpopo Brand and Dong Po Colonial) will continue to hatch. Unless cupcakes follow this trend successfully (like the ondeh-ondeh cupcakes by Preparazzi, but better), they will wither, along with their overly-sweet frostings. Macarons will follow on this downward spiral.  


Cocktail bars singapore
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Cocktail bars of 2014

Even cocktail bars are into the traditional and upcycling: at Ah Sam’s Cold Drinks Stall, one of the many cocktail bars that has sprung up (can someone come up with a characterful local bar to counter this 'designer' cocktail trend, please?), it begins with the signages being old school, and the pull-down Milo tin for tips.   

The curiosities-shop/cigar bar decor might be hard to shake for other up-and-coming cocktail bars, but it looks like garnishes will go (a la L'Aiglon, a new French-style bar on 69 Neil Road), local flavours like kaya and gula Melaka will take centrestage, and homemade syrups (B-Bar at Bacchanalia and Spiffy Dapper; you can even get cold brewed Dapper Coffee – by Spiffy Dapper, too – delivered to you. Blurred lines indeed.) and in-house-made soda infusions care of machines like Sodastream will be quick to the rise. 

Whichever new establishment you choose to go to in Singapore in 2014, do try to tip for good service… unless it happens that sometime in the year that practice of tipping is abolished by the States – that's when we’ll be ahead of the curve without having even tried.  


Celine Asril is guilty of taking pictures before tucking in to all her meals; it’s a (good) hazard of the job – this editor of HungryGoWhere never sits down to two of the same meals in a week. Need proof? Follow her work twitter feed at @HungryGoWhere. it's okay, you can call her a "foodie."

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Celine Asril is guilty of taking pictures before tucking in to all her meals; it’s a (good) hazard of the job – this editor of HungryGoWhere never sits down to two of the same meals in a week.
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