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Fragrant pork lard char mee

By Dr Leslie Tay
8 June 2011 1:30 PM Updated 17 Feb 2015

Fragrant pork lard char mee

Rating: 4/5

This stall whips up every dish with a generous portion of pork lard so if you have high cholesterol or heart problems, please do not read further. But if you are healthy and can afford it, follow Dr Leslie Tay to this stall in the East of Singapore.

Yong Huat

I have tried the Hokkien mee at Yong Huat before, but I later realised that they also serve a few other interesting dishes. Basically, this stall tries to do everything. From mee pok to Hokkien mee to char kway teow, they seem to have it all, and even more.

They basically fry Hokkien mee and char kway teow plus any sort of permutation and combination that you like using these basic two flavours. Of course the one flavour that predominates is the pork lard, which makes anything taste good because of its effect on the "shiok” receptor. So you can ask them to fry mee sua, Hokkien mee style or bee hoon, char kway teow style and it can all be done for you.

Tastewise, the Mee Sua we had on that day was very yummy but I thought it would be even better if it was left a tad longer in the wok for a full-bodied “wok hei” flavour. Same goes with the Fried Bee Hoon. As already mentioned, pork lard will make anything taste good, so you will go away feeling very satisfied.

So if you feel down, just come here and pamper yourself with a plate of comfort freshly fried fragrant noodles with pork lard. Then diet for the rest of the week!

Yong Huat

125/127 East Coast Road (junction of Joo Chiat Rd)

Tel: 9630 1370

Opening Hours: 8:00am to 8:00pm daily

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