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Sebastian Ho - Sebastian Mix Fusion Cuisine

by Andre Frois - 17 June 2013 6:00 PM | Updated 18 Jun 2013

Sebastian Ho - Sebastian Mix Fusion Cuisine

Owner and chef Sebastian Ho, 31, of Sebastian Mix Fusion Cuisine | Photo: Andre Frois

“Hard work, long hours and irregular meals” – that is how Chef Sebastian Ho summed up his job, but he loves every minute of it.

He has always been interested in cooking ever since he was a child. Now 31, he is proud owner of Sebastian Mix Fusion Cuisine, a food stall tucked away at a coffee shop in Everton Park.

“I was always trying to help my mother out in the kitchen when I was younger. I never wanted to do anything else. Although I have worked in hotels, it was the kitchen at home which inspires me the most,” he said of his passion.

After receiving his training at the Singapore Hotel and Tourism Education Centre (SHATEC), he did cooking stints at an Italian restaurant, at hotels such as the Grand Hyatt and Ritz Carlton, before trying his hand to run a lubricant oil business (that lasted six years).

But he had such a strong love for cooking and food that he went back to it two years ago, coming up with the plan to offer Italian and Japanese fare at cheaper prices.

A dish of spicy salmon aglio olio from Sebastian Mix Fusion Cuisine’s | Photo: Sebastian Fusion Cuisine Facebook page

On why he chose to be a hawker instead of, say, a chef in a hotel, Ho said: “There is the freedom to choose my own menu and you get to interact more with your customers.”

He is most proud of his Chicken Katsu Cheese Curry Rice, which requires at least 24 hours of marinating work.

“I work 12-hour days, but I derive great satisfaction from customers telling me that they enjoy what I serve. When you bring joy to people, you never get tired,” he said.

Asked about his stall’s name, he said: “I was afraid the residents around here who are older in age would not understand what is ‘fusion cuisine’ so I added the word ‘mix’.”

Franchising is not in Ho’s plans, because he is concerned that the quality of his food might be compromised if he has to oversee more than one stall.

“I hope hawker culture will not die off, but I don’t think it will, as I see quite a handful of young people like myself taking on this trade.”

Sebastian Mix Fusion Cuisine | Address: Blk 7, Everton Park, #01-01, Everton Food Place

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