Nanxiang opens at Plaza Singapura

By Ivan Teo
7 March 2011 4:00 PM Updated 17 Mar 2011

Nanxiang opens at Plaza Singapura

Must tries: braised pork belly ribs, steamed egg with clams

The first thing you’ll notice about Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant’s latest flagship outlet at Plaza Singapura is the use of bamboo steamers as the main theme for their interior décor. And aptly so, as this traditional Shanghainese restaurant specialises in a variety of steamed dumplings.

Even if you’ve already visited other Nanxiang outlets before, you’ll still be able to savour some new dishes here, thanks to its new executive chef Yee Cheong Wah, who came up with some 20 new creations.

For starters, we had the jelly fish with spicy vinegar ($6.80) and “yuan yang” duck tongue ($8). The first dish uses only the head of the jellyfish, and was a lot crunchier than other jelly fish dishes we’ve had.

Jelly fish with spicy vinegar

Mention duck tongue and the first reaction you get from most is a jaw-dropping horrified look. But the dish is more palatable that it sounds. Here, the duck tongue is served in two versions—braised (goes well with beer!) and simmered in Chinese wine—both chilled. Texture wise, it was a lot like chicken feet.

“Yuan Yang” duck tongue

Xiao long bao is Nanxiang’s specialty. Served Shanghainese style where the skin of the dumpling is thicker than the Taiwanese style dumplings, Nanxiang’s xiao long bao holds the broth and the lean pork filling better.

It works well for people who are less skilful with their chopsticks, as these little nuggets filled with a tasty broth and minced pork are less prone to tearing. Our favourite xiao long bao flavour was the one with shrimp and pork filling ($7.80 for 6 pieces).

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant interior

Another specialty here is the crab roe steamed soup bun ($6.80 for one). Shaped like a giant xiao long bao, each dumpling is filled with a piping hot crab roe broth, specks of crab roe as well as vermicelli strands, which you have to savour by poking a straw through the skin to suck up the broth and all the goodness.

We found the dish to be on the rich side, order it only if you’re a fan of crab and crab roe. We also thought that it was quite strange that the dumpling skin, which was thick and had a strong taste of flour, was not meant to be eaten, but simply to hold the broth and filling inside.

We were impressed with the braised pork belly ribs ($12) that came with a sweet and tangy sauce reduced from fruit like orange, lime and pineapple. Topped with a dash of crushed peanuts to add crunch, the combination of sweet and tangy flavours was very appetising.

Braised pork belly ribs

For something light, try the steamed egg with clams ($10.80). Steamed to a silky smooth perfection, the addition of sweet clams was a welcomed twist to this home-styled dish.

Steamed egg with clams

For more unique dishes, don’t miss the glutinous rice ball in sweet wine ($4) for dessert. A classic Shanghainese dessert, it is served warm a hint of Chinese rice wine and wolfberries.


Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

68 Orchard Road

#02-01 Plaza Singapura

Tel: 63377446

Operation Hours: Mon-Fri: 11.30am-3.00pm (lunch), 6.00pm-1000pm (Dinner); Sat, Sun & PH: 11.00am-10.00pm



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