Gordon Ramsay vs Singapore's Hawker Heroes

By Celine Asril
27 June 2013 1:57 PM Updated 01 Aug 2013

Gordon Ramsay vs Singapore's Hawker Heroes

VIDEO | Gordon Ramsay wins chilli crab, loses Hawker Heroes challenge

Celebrity chef wins chilli crab dish by small margin, loses on chicken rice and laksa

PHOTO GALLERY | Gordon Ramsay at the Hawker Heroes Challenge

What took place inside the Hawker Heroes tents - the celebrity chef cooks laksa, plates chicken rice, works the chilli crab sauce and serves guests

VIDEO | Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen and his post-results interview
The heat in Newton Circus Food Centre's kitchen tents, Hawker Heroes laud celebration of local food

VIDEO | Gordon Ramsay raises his game to try and win Hawker Heroes challenge

During visit to second opponent at 328 Katong Laksa, celebrity chef reveals change in strategy for contest
Ramsay Laksa
PHOTO GALLERY | Gordon Ramsay goes to 328 Katong Laksa
The celebrity chef showed up to learn about laksa, greet fans, and do a high-five, ahead of the Hawker Heroes showdown on Sunday 7 July

VIDEO | Gordon Ramsay meets first hawker opponent at Maxwell Food Centre

The celebrity chef showed up to "steal" tips from chicken rice seller ahead of showdown on Sunday 7 July
10 things about Gordon Ramsay
VIDEO | Gordon Ramsay accepts SingTel and food bloggers' challenge

The Michelin-starred chef to go up against Singapore's top hawkers in a cook-off in July

10 things you didn't know about Gordon Ramsay + VIDEO
It's a love-hate relationship with this Michelin-starred chef, and here are some reasons why

Are Singapore hawkers not Michelin worthy?

Some Singapore hawkers dish out delicious, top-notch food. Don’t they deserve Michelin stars too?

Gordon Ramsay skewered for serving salt

A salt-loaded mussel dish, that is. Jamie Oliver is not off the hook either, again

Worst (or best) food-related insults by chefs

Oh, don’t be ninny-livered! Chefs cook up a storm all the time – these are just more fun to put on paper

Can celebrity chefs handle the heat in Singapore's hawker kitchens?

What do you think will happen when we put the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver in a non-airconditioned, hawker kitchen
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