McDonald's fries get new packaging for World Cup 2014

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27 May 2014 5:23 PM Updated 04 Jun 2014

McDonald's fries get new packaging for World Cup 2014

Starting 2 June, McDonald's will change the look of its red boxes for friench fries globally to coincide with the upcoming football World Cup in Brazil. 

This is the first time McDonald's is redesigning the packaging of one of its most iconic menu items.

The boxes will be used throughout the duration of the 2014 World Cup, while supplies last. Only the medium and large boxes in the majority of company-owned and franchised restaurants worldwide will get the makeover. 

Fry boxes have already started appearing in Singapore restaurants and will be in all McDonald's outlets by 6 June. The boxes will remain throughout the duration of the World Cup, while supplies last.

The limited-edition boxes will feature an exclusive collection of 12 original World Cup-themed street art by artists from all over the world. The art is a reflection of the beauty and passion of the game of football.

The artists include Skwak from France, Doppel from Japan and Roman Klonek from Germany.


The boxes will also "unlock" a new Augmented Reality (AR) app that will reward customers with an engaging, virtual trick-shot challenge. The app, titled 'McDonald's Gol!', is free and compatible with most Android and Apple mobile devices.

To play, users have to hold the screen of the mobile device up to the front of the box for the french fries. As the device recognises the artwork, a football pitch will appear in an AR scene on your device's screen, with the box as the goal and other built-in objects as obstacles. "Kick" the ball with the flick of a finger and divert or use obstacles to get the ball into the goal.

View the 'McDonald's Gol!' video that features real-life football trick-shot talents from around the world below: 

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