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Meet the HungryGoWhere editorial team

By HungryGoWhere Editor
22 May 2014 5:10 PM Updated 12 Sep 2014

Meet the HungryGoWhere editorial team

It's been about two years since the seeds for HungryGoWhere's editorial section were sowed. We have since grown very quickly – from a purely user reviews-only website, we are now the biggest food website in Singapore, with regular original and exclusive editorial content, and a reservations service that has over 550 bookable restaurants (and growing).

Our aim was, and still is, to be everyone's one-stop-shop for everything they need to know about food in Singapore – from the discovery of new eating places, to reading about them, booking tables to eat at, and being the platform to shout (or not) about the meals, be them hawker or high-end.

Editorially, we function like an online magazine, with certain elements like anonymous food reviewing in place. We're proud to say we're one of few online publications to stick to this practice of never letting the owners know we're dropping in before a critic's review

While we're not one to shout loudly about our achievements, we felt it was about time we introduced our tiny team proper, so here goes: 


Celine Asril
Editor, @celineasril

In the name of wanting to learn every aspect of the restaurant business, Celine took up several stints in professional kitchens. She devoted herself to a writing career early on with a blog and an article in a Canadian magazine, honed her reviewing skills as an anonymous reviewer in London, UK, and found her voice when she began to working at TimeOut Singapore. Now at her dream job, she edits, comes up with the creative ideas, writes, plans stories and events, manages the social media and dodges photos for HungryGoWhere, among other tasks. In between juggling, she assumes the role of 'Human Restaurants Directory' (HRD) for friends while trying to find time to cook. It's a tough life, but someone's gotta do it, and she's glad it's her. Get in touch with Celine at celinea[at]

Priyanka Chand Agarwal
Writer, @priyankac
The only in-house writer at HungryGoWhere, Priyanka has the massive task of battling HTML, while juggling stories and social media posts, and keeping up with the hottest new restaurants in Singapore. If Celine is the HRD, she is the HHNRD – 'Human Hot New Restaurants Directory'. She has worked in PR and marketing for start-ups, upstarts and East India's largest media group, before trading in the corporate ladder for writing about food and other delicious things in Singapore. Her writings have also appeared in the online pages of Appetite Asia, LivingESP and When not at work, she can be found furiously stirring a pot of curry in her kitchen (and then Instagram-ing it), shopping online or reading books about food. Priyanka has big dreams of writing a book of her own. Someday. Get in touch with Priyanka at priyanka[at]

Victoria Lim
HungryGoWhere's super intern has always believed in the power words have over one. Her ultimate dream is to rule the world with her words, but for now she will be conquering the foodie scene, one bite, one word at a time. When not eating (one has to take a breather) you can find her at the library pouring her heart and soul to Sylvia Plath and Margaret Atwood, or her words on the online pages at Appetite Asia and Singapore Tatler. Get in touch with Victoria at insing2[at]

Get in touch with the HungryGoWhere editorial team at editorial[at]

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