Singapore hotels have the most expensive breakfasts

By AFP/Relaxnews
10 March 2014 12:07 PM Updated 10 Mar 2014

Singapore hotels have the most expensive breakfasts

The price of a hotel breakfast varies significantly by country, according to a study by Hotel Reservation Servie | Photo: ©duel/

According to a study by hotels portal, Hotel Reservation Service (HRS), travellers spend an average €10 (S$17.60) for a hotel breakfast when the meal is not included in the room rate. 

The difference in average price varies greatly by country. According to HRS, hotels in Singapore charge guests the most for breakfast (€16.86/S$29.70), while those in Poland offer the most affordable breakfasts (€6.40/S$11.27). Belgium (€15.05/S$26.50) and Switzerland (€16.05/S$28.26) are also among the nations where the morning meal sets travelers back the most.

The US and France were among the countries in the middle range, with average hotel breakfast prices of €10.63 (S$18.72) and €11.23 (S$19.78) respectively.

Currently, HRS reports, two-thirds of hotels offer room rates that do not include breakfast. When planning a trip, the reservation service suggests, customers should be aware that a room priced at $128.85 per night without breakfast is not necessarily a better deal than one priced at $139.54 that includes the meal.

The conclusions of the study are based on the data from reservations made through HRS at 250,000 worldwide during 2013.


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