Taiwan’s most popular fried chicken is here!

By Daniel Ang
5 December 2011 9:30 AM Updated 05 Dec 2011

Taiwan’s most popular fried chicken is here!

Combination set with sour plum fries and a drink

Did you know that Taiwan’s most popular fried skin, Hot-Star large fried chicken (also known as Hao Da Da Ji Pai) has arrived in Singapore? Located at City Square Mall, Singapore is the second country after Hong Kong to obtain this franchise (after much persuasion I heard).

Most people who have been to the Taipei Shilin night market would be familiar with this famous chicken. The stall continues to attract long queues from both local and tourists. Hot-Star Taiwan, which started in Taichung way back in 1992, is said to be the original creator of this street food. I have tried this street snack several times at Shilin and has never been disappointed. So how does the local version compare?

First impressions – Hot-Star’s fried chicken is ridiculously huge – measuring up to 30cm long, easily bigger than a man’s palm, and almost the size of someone’s face.

The fried chicken is larger than a palm

I do not know what the secret formula is, but the crust was scrumptiously crispy and crunchy. I took a big bite off the fillet and was surprised to find a succulent piece of meat under the crispy crust , it was as though the juices have been injected into each of the fillet.  The red chilli powder dusted all over it added a spicy kick.

Battering, deep-frying and dusting with spicy chilli powder

Staying true to its authenticity, the local Hot-Star shop does not cut up the meat, even if you request for them to. This is so that the juices will be retained. Indeed, even though I ate the chicken only after I got home, the meat remained moist.

My only complaint was that the skin was slightly salty and some bits of bones did not come off easily, making it slightly messy to eat.

The original flavour is $4.00, and you can top up with sides of sour plum fries and a drink for an additional $2.70. Other items include BBQ lemon chicken, crispy wings, chicken cube and popcorn chicken. If you miss this authentic Taiwanese street favourite, head down for this mouth-watering goodness (before more people find out about this place).

Hot-Star Basement 1 of City Square Mall

Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken

City Square Mall #B1-K7

Tel: 6634 8032

Opening hours: 10:30am-9:45pm (Daily)


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