Use your goldfish's waste to grow tomatoes

By AFP/RelaxNews
11 August 2014 10:38 AM

Use your goldfish's waste to grow tomatoes

As urban farming becomes increasingly popular, a new fish-tank-cum-herb-garden could be the next big thing in home-grown produce.

EcoFarm is a fish tank that uses the aquaponics technique to use waste as a natural fertilizer to grow plants.

Essentially a fish tank topped with an herb garden, the design features a tube that extracts and diffuses the fish excrement into the soil in order to nourish the greenery.

In turn, the presence of the plants keeps the water in the tank clean. The plant section of the tank can be used to grow anything from herbs to cherry tomatoes.

The brainchild of Dutch start-up Ecobird, EcoFarm is currently listed on crowdfunding website Kickstarter and, if successful, will be distributed in November for pledges of €65 (S$108.86) or more.

The development follows the rise in popularity for urban microgardens, with products such as Infarm also debuting this year.

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