Best kaya toast in Singapore?

By Dr Leslie Tay
25 April 2012 9:00 AM Updated 24 Apr 2012

Best kaya toast in Singapore?

Kaya toast

Ahh, kopi and kaya toast. Singapore's answer to Devonshire Tea, no?

The ideal afternoon tea for me is crispy kaya toast with a cup of teh si (milk tea) and best of all the whole works cost less than a cup of cappuccino at some upmarket chain cafe.

The Hainanese invented the kaya toast because they wanted to serve the local population something similar to what the Colonial British were eating, but at a fraction of the price.

That idea is very much alive today, except that kopi and kaya toast are no longer just trying to emulate something else, they confidently hold their own place in our little gourmet paradise.

Stalls serving kopi and kaya toast are found in almost every shopping centre. A wonderful development, if like me, you relish the convenience of sitting down for my cup of kopi or teh si wherever, whenever.


Kaya bun


Kaya baguette

However, to get that kopi and kaya toast with that extra special touch, you still need to look for a personal kopi tau chiew (barista), my choice is Roland of Coffee Hut.

On my second visit to Coffee Hut, I rediscovered just how good their toast, buns and baguette actually were. The toast was light and crispy, the buns soft & chewy and the baguette crusty! Roland told me that he personally picks up the baguette every morning on his way to the stall.

So if you can't decide on what to try here, order the baguette because it is not something that you can readily find elsewhere.

Rating – Food: 4; Service: 3; Value: 4

Coffee Hut

Stall 43, Jalan Bersih Food Centre

Tel: 9010 8311 (Roland)

Opening hours: 7am to 3pm; closed alternate Saturday/Sunday

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