Chao tar but good!

By Daniel Ang
22 November 2010 4:00 PM Updated 02 Dec 2010

Chao tar but good!


Food: 4/5 (5/5 for the vermicelli)

Value : 3/5

Service : 2/5

MUST TRY: chao tar beehoon


From the picture alone, you might have thought that this was some strange looking pancake. You would never have guessed that this was a plate of fried beehoon. To be more precise, a plate of chao tar beehoon (burnt vermicelli).

This crispy vermicelli ($5) is a must try at Yong Kee Seafood located within a coffeeshop along Jalan Besar Road. You might have seen this dish before in Malaysia, but it is definitely uncommon here in Singapore.

Grimy interior but tasty food

The grumpy waiter served the dish after a 20-minute wait. The beehoon came with flat vermicelli lined with bean sprouts, spring onions and crunchy pork lard, all neatly presented—rather unexpected of this grimy tze char place.

The multiple textures and tastes of the dish was exceptional–the beehoon was crusty on the outside and moist and flavoursome inside. Fried with pork slices and egg, the strands of vermicelli had absorbed all the tasty stock. The powerful sambal chilli provided an extra kick  

Fried Prawn Roll, also known as “Hei Cho”

I also ordered the fried prawn roll ($8) as it was what my grandmother used to make. Indeed, it tasted almost like Ah Ma’s! I was glad that not too much flour was added into the deep fried roll of pork, minced prawns and water chestnut.

Prawn salad served in honeydew

However, I was not as pleased with the prawn salad ($18) served in a honeydew. Not only was it over-priced, the prawn batter had turned soggy after being soaked in the mayonnaise-based gravy. A pity as the fruit and prawn combination would have tasted sweet and pleasing on their own.


Yong Kee Seafood Restaurant

Boon Hwa Food Centre , 43 Jalan Besar (opposite Sim Lim Tower)

Opening hours: 5:30pm-3am; closed on every first Wed of the month


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