Cooking with leftover rice

By Mervyn Phan
29 March 2011 4:26 PM Updated 23 Apr 2014

Cooking with leftover rice

Rice is a staple in most Asian diets and we usually find ourselves with ample leftovers every time we cook. Here are some interesting recipes to try out the next time you have leftover rice. Who knows? They might turn up on the dinner table as main dishes.

Pan-fried rice cake and beef patty
Rice cakes are used in place of burger buns
Capsicum stuffed with rice salad
A healthier alternative to cheese-baked rice
Fried rice with pounded dried shrimp
A homestyle dish with comforting flavours

Mervyn is the owner and resident organiser of cooking parties at Cookyn with Mervyn. From his city studio kitchen, Mervyn guides fellow food lovers in preparing restaurant-style dishes in a fun and surprisingly easy way.


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