Crispy ‘keropok’ pork chop

By Dr Leslie Tay
5 October 2011 2:43 PM Updated 05 Oct 2011

Crispy ‘keropok’ pork chop

Overall rating: 4/5

There is really only one word that would adequately describe the crispy pork here – SHIOK!

Wait, maybe not one word but two words: VERY SHIOK! I felt as if the meat had rolled off my tongue. This stall is found in the most predictable of places, in an old, run down coffee shop reminiscent of Singapore in the ‘60s. Even more interesting is that the stall doesn't even have a name, let alone a signboard. They didn't even bother to light up the trays of food! It goes to show that when it comes to food for Singaporeans, it is all about substance over style.

The crispy fried pork here was really outstanding! Unlike some other stalls which I have tried, the one here was like eating keropok (cracker in Malay). It was crispy right through and when added to the plate of rice covered with the deluge of curry, lor (dark sauce) and cabbage gravy, it really was heavenly! Give me just these two things in a plate and I am a happy man.

Now I always say that the only thing better than really good food is really good food that is cheap as well. The food here was value for money and I still had change when I gave my S$5 note!

Now the star of the show was the crispy pork. The rest of the dishes like the curry chicken, braised pork and stewed cabbage with "lion head were all very good but not as outstanding. However, taken as a whole package, it was one very satisfying meal.

Curry chicken

Rating – Food: 4; Value: 4; Service: 3

No Name Hainanese Curry Rice

Blk 40, Beo Crescent

Opening hours: 6.30am-3pm; closed Wed

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