Durian desserts

By Debbie Teoh
29 April 2011 10:07 AM Updated 09 Jul 2015

Durian desserts

Mention durian to any durian lover and you’ll see their eyes light up immediately. The rich, creamy and extremely fragrant (or pungent, depending on your preference) is great eaten on its own or added to desserts. Use this king of fruits in three easy and decadent desserts.

The durian ice cream is creamy and keeps well for longer periods, you might want to make more to keep for when it is no longer durian season. The simple recipe yields fantastic results.

The crème brulee is another melt-in-the-mouth experience. With just a few ingredients, the classic Frech dessert gets an Asian twist with the addition of durian.

Lastly, the pancakes are allowed to crisp up and envelope durian flesh creating a pleasing contrast of textures and an explosion of flavour.


Retro coconut candy

Durian ice-cream
Why buy, when you can just as easily make it at home
Durian crème brulee

Durian crème brulee
The melt-in-your-mouth, French dessert gets a durian kick

Crispy durian pancake
Easy to prep, crisp pancakes with durian cream filling
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