Easy steamed recipes

By wiffy
11 January 2011 3:44 PM Updated 11 Jan 2011

Easy steamed recipes

Steaming is one of my favourite cooking methods.  It is a straightforward technique and hence perfect for beginner cooks. As little or no oil is used when steaming, there’s no need to worry about oil splatters or messy clean-ups. Besides, steaming also cooks food relatively quickly– for example, a plate of scallops can be cooked in about four minutes.

With so many benefits associated with steamed foods, what are you waiting for? Here are three simple steamed food recipes to get you started.




Steamed sake chicken recipe


Steamed scallops with ginger recipe


Steamed stuffed cabbage roll recipe


For more recipes, check out our recipe section.

wiffy is the author of local food blog Noob Cook. Her blog is a collection of the successful recipes she has whipped up, and she hopes that by sharing them, she will spread the love for cooking. 

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