Homebaked bread recipes

By Debbie Teoh
24 April 2012 9:00 AM Updated 23 Apr 2012

Homebaked bread recipes

Bread is a great snack, breakfast item and could even make a meal if you pack it with sufficient ingredients. It is also easy to bake, and you don’t need a bread machine – although use of one would shorten the steps significantly.

There are many benefits to baking your own bread, the main ones include being able to customize the loaves, ensure the use of top-quality ingredients and the elimination of preservatives. Freshly baked bread also fills the kitchen with a lovely aroma.

Shared below are three bread recipes: the cotton-soft sweet potato bread uses local sweet potatoes (orange in colour); the eggless, fat-free nuts, seeds and fruit loaf is a healthy version that stores very well; and the savoury braided loaf topped with sausage meat, mozzarella cheese, rosemary and paprika is good for a meal.

Orange sweet potato bread recipe
Serve this moist and sweet bread for a special breakfast treat.

Healthy fruit, nut and seed bread recipe
An Omega-3-rich loaf made without butter and eggs.

Savoury braided loaf recipe
Braid your bread for a little bit of fun.

With more than 10 years experience in the food industry, Debbie is a true-bred Nyonya who hails from Malacca. She is the author of numerous cookbooks, including “UNDERWRAPS” by Marshall Cavendish Cuisine and “Penang Food Guide & Cookbook” and “Nyonya Flavours” by Star Publications. Debbie develops and tests recipes for companies, and contributes to magazines. She is also a Nyonya food consultant for Tourism Malaysia.

For more recipes, check out our recipe section.

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