In-N-Out in 5 minutes

By Wei Wen Sng and Priyanka Chand Agarwal
24 July 2012 2:04 PM Updated 11 Nov 2014

In-N-Out in 5 minutes

What an anti-climax! We got all worked up, stood in line, and didn’t even get a t-shirt for our efforts.

If we — as women — knew what premature ejaculation felt like, it would probably feel a little like how we felt at 11.05am today. 

Yes, we were one of the many who joined the snaking queue along Boat Quay in hopes of sinking our chops into a juicy In-N-Out Burger at its one day pop-up store at Golden Grill.

Sadly, the Californian cult burger chain's rumoured 300 patties were sold out in five minutes.

Read about the In-N-Out Burger's Singapore pop-up here


But boy was it a loaded five minutes, filled with anticipation as the smell of fast food and excitement wafted through the air; and the queue snaked behind the restaurant, down an alley off Circular Road, for a good distance down the Singapore River.

Like an ardent lover in waiting, the long line did not waver, even under the hot noon sun.

It was a mixed crowd, made up of students, families and office workers, many of them expats. Many had already given In-N-Out Burger a whirl in Los Angeles and were keen for another round. Others having heard rave reviews from their friends, wanted to give it a try.

Good old Facebook and its knack for making the popular viral was cited as the main reason for many people — too many in this case — learning about this one-day event. (Ed’s note: Is nothing sacred anymore?)

With more than 500 people lining up to purchase the much sought-after burgers, we knew our chances were limp—and as we gussed, we weren’t one of the lucky few handed a special wristband to enter the burger paradise of In-N-Out. For possible future reference these are the prices: a Double Double ($6), Cheeseburger ($5), Hamburger ($4), potato chips ($1) and drinks ($1)

Scott from Arizona got away with an In-N-Out Burger T-shirt
Scott from Arizona got away with an In-N-Out
Burger t-shirt

Only a very few lucky ones who had been queuing since the early morning were able to lay their hands on those juicy burgers, which was all that mattered.

While In-N-Out Burger was rumoured to bring in 300 patties, when asked for a confirmation, the management declined to comment.

At 11.05am, many hungry, disgruntled, sweaty individuals saw their hopes dashed when they were turned away by a surly store manager. As a last ditched effort, a reluctant few made do with In-N-Out Burger T-shirts ($5).

Neighbouring eateries pulled up their shutters in anticipation of luring hungry and disappointed customers to partake of their delicious fare but like Adam’s apple, nothing quite beats having a taste of the forbidden.

We agree — we wanted the real thing, or nothing.

Bring back In-N-Out.

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