OverTime: time to chill out!

By Daniel Ang
14 November 2011 11:50 AM Updated 14 Nov 2011

OverTime: time to chill out!

Platter A: crunchy pork, crispy fish fillet, and cripsy mushrooms

Must Tries: Platter A, stir fried louh syu fan, Stärker beer

For the working class, “overtime” may be an off-putting word, but not when it is the name of a chill out restaurant. OverTime is a popular restaurant in Kuala Lumpur known for its fresh Stärker beer, live music and innovative menu, and recently, the restaurant opened in Singapore.

Located at Dempsey Hill, OverTime offers a spread of Western meets Asian favourites, such as their 33 varieties of fusion skewers. The menu also consists of several Asian influenced dishes such as honey char siew, Thai style chicken wings, crayfish yi mien, beef udon and lamb satay.

OverTime at Dempsey Hill

For starters or nibbles with beer, try their signature Platter A ($23), which includes crunchy pork, crispy fish fillet and crispy mushrooms. It is not common to see ‘siok bak’ in a pub menu and the one here is delicious. Rubbed with fresh spices and basted with pan juices, the addictive snack goes really well with beer.

Another interesting dish is the calamari scampi ($14). This salad has a Thai twist, consisting of calamari (squid) tossed with lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, chilli padi and lime juice. This refreshing dish will rouse your appetite with its spicy and tangy flavours.

Calamari scampi with a Thai essence

For a taste of Malaysia, try the stir fried louh syu fan ($10), a popular hawker fare in Malaysia. The noodles are better known as ‘bee thye mak’ in Singapore and have a chewy texture. Here, it is stir fried in black sauce with bits of seafood with lots of ‘woi hei’ (smoky flavour).

Stir fried louh syu fan, otherwise known as silver needle noodles


18E Dempsey Road

Tel: 6472 4388

Opening Hours: 12pm to 1am (Daily)

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