Recipe for sweet nostalgia

By Daniel Ang
20 December 2010 3:52 PM Updated 06 Mar 2015

Recipe for sweet nostalgia

Rating: 3/5

Must try: Original flavour kuih bahulu


It never occurred to me that a shop could get by on selling mainly kuih bahulu.

Warisan Recipe located at Boon Lay Shopping Centre is one such shop. Selling a variety of kuih bahulu, muffins and waffles, the shop enjoys a continuous flow of patrons even on weekday afternoons.

Kuih bahulu is usually eaten during Malay festive seasons and celebrations such as Hari Raya and weddings. It is also my Chinese New Year goodie staple. If you haven’t tried it before, just think of the snack as the Asian version of madeleine. 


Even before reaching Warisan Recipe that day, I could detect a strong aroma of freshly baked pastry.  The makchik (auntie in Malay) behind the counter was busy beating eggs and pouring a mixture of eggs, wheat flour and sugar into flower-shaped moulds.  After the cakes were baked to a crisp golden brown, they were then transferred to big baskets to cool before being packed for sale.




Over here, you’ll find a variety of the kuih, including flavours such as chocolate rice, pandan, cheese, durian and strawberry ($2.80 for 10).

For something more unusual, there’s the gula Melaka flavoured bahulu ($5.20 for a box of 18). They were baked till dark brown, but unfortunately lacked the oomph of palm sugar. I also wished that the mango flavoured ones had bits of mango in them, rather than just the essence.

Simplicity is still best. Go for the original flavour ($2.60 for 10) if you want a taste of your childhood memories. Soft, spongy and slightly dry, these traditional cakes taste best when eaten fresh and dipped in hot milo or coffee. Just like how we used to eat it when we were young!


Warisan Recipe

Block 221 Boon Lay Place, #01-120 Boon Lay Shopping Centre

Tel: 62652343

Opening hours: Daily: 9.30am-9.30pm


Daniel Ang is's Hawker Food Lover. He is passionate about hawker food and about discovering the hidden gems in the local food scene. By day, he’s a blogger and gym instructor who wants to prove that you can eat your char kway teow and still stay in shape!


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