The Living Café

By Evelyn Chen
7 May 2012 9:00 AM Updated 04 May 2012

The Living Café

The Living Cafe's interior

The setting

Occupying the former roost of Japanese restaurant Chiharu, the The Living Café is the brainchild of Dana Heather – a naturopath, homeopath and nutritionist – and her banker-turned-entrepreneur husband, Ash Heather. At first glance, this partially glass-clad café looks no different from its counterparts in the neighbouring area but close-up, the racks of health supplements and nutritional ingredients on display tell a different story.

What to expect

In conjunction with a U.S.-based chef, author and raw foods counselor – Elaine Love – the couple has crafted a red meat- and refined-sugar-free menu. The healthy-living cuisine is anchored on raw food (food cooked at temperature of 47 degree Celsius and below) – a raw pizza ($12), fresh greens on 16-hour dehydrated almond and sunflower seeds-studded crust, and the raw TLC cheesy burger ($15) with a patty made from 23-hour dehydrated mushrooms, walnuts and sunflower seeds crowned with onions and alfafa sprout and sandwiched between leaves of lettuces. “We try to serve organic food whenever possible,” says Heather.

Gazpacho soup

Our favourites

The raw gazpacho soup ($8) packs a refreshing punch with its mélange of fresh flavours from cucumber, capsicum, cilantro, celery, lemon jus and herbs; while The Living Café roll ($12) is a crunchy assortment of vegetables like carrot, cucumber and capsicum in a fold of thinly-sliced daikon served alongside vinaigrette and red bell pepper sauce. For desserts, go guilt-free with sugar- and dairy-free options like the raw blueberry ‘cheese’ cake ($8.50) made with Irish moss and homemade cashew nut milk.

The Living Café roll

You may not know that….

Dana Heather is a holistic health practitioner and she runs a naturopathic and homeopathy clinic on level 3 of the same building.

Blueberry ‘cheese’ cake

The Living Cafe

779 Bukit Timah Road

Tel: 6762 8029

Opening hours: 9am to 10pm (Daily)

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