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Dining out for the sake of health

Dining out for the sake of health

Created 19 June 2014 4:01 PM | Updated 02 Jul 2014
When people talk about healthy eating, they associate it with low-fat diet recipes that take time and effort to prepare. What they do not realise is that it is easy to eat healthy, even when eating out, so long as you make conscious calorie-friendly choices! Recognising Singaporeans’ busy lifestyles, the Health Promotion Board launched its Healthy Dining Programme and partnered with a number of food establishments to serve up healthier, lower calorie meals that complement typical eating patterns. Here are our recommended dishes from participating food providers in the Healthier Dining Programme:
Oral care for foodies

Oral care for foodies

Created 10 April 2014 4:12 PM | Updated 10 Jun 2014
HungryGoWhere Writer - A foodie's guide to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, brought to you by Oral B