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5 best roti prata

5 best roti prata

Created 18 November 2014 12:45 PM | Updated Tuesday at 10:17am
Tris Marlis - This flaky, soft and crisp Indian flatbread is cheap, filling and mostly available 'round the clock. Roti prata generally goes best with a side of spicy curry, but also as a dessert. Here are five of our top picks
5 most romantic restaurants in Singapore

5 most romantic restaurants in Singapore

Created 10 October 2014 4:38 PM | Updated 16 Feb 2015
Joyce Huang - A birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion, or just an opportunity to celebrate each other - a romantic meal with your significant other can sometimes be tricky to prep. You need a stunning location, intuitive and indulgent but not intrusive service, and quality food. Here are five of the most reputable romantic restaurants for that special date