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Review: Logitech Anywhere M905 mouse

by Aaron Yip - 27 August 2010 3:00 PM | Updated 27 Aug 2010

Review: Logitech Anywhere M905 mouse

Imagine you’re at Starbucks working on your notebook. You never liked using the touchpad on your notebook. Perhaps it’s not as sensitive as you would have liked, or you could just never get used to swiping your fingers on a plastic surface. So you brought along a mouse, only to find that it doesn’t work on the glass table top surface!

That’s when the Logitech Anywhere Mouse M905 comes in handy. Like its name suggests, it works on practically any surface—glass, marble, metal etc—thanks to its Darkfield Technology, which tracks microscopic scratches and marks on a surface rather than the surface itself.


The M905 comes with two thumb buttons on the left side of the body, the default “back” and “forward” buttons, a programmable button under the scroller, and a left-right clickable rocking scroller (a click swaps it to hyper-fast scrolling mode), in addition to the left and right click buttons.

As with most notebook mouse devices, the M905 is pretty light—about the weight of an iPhone 3GS. It runs on a pair of AA batteries and connects to a computer via a very nippy USB receiver. For those familiar with Logitech wireless mouse products, the M905’s receiver also runs on the Logitech unifying frequency, which allows the mouse to detect and synchronise itself with all your other Logitech unifying compatible peripherals. For example, a keyboard or even a specialised Logitech gaming mouse (for serious gamers, of course). This is an advantage as it frees up what little USB ports you have left on your computer.

Good handling, too

The M905 feels solid to the grip, and the contours of the body let it fit comfortably in your palm. However, this ergonomic design makes it strictly for right-hand use only, so left-handers out there, I suggest you give this mouse a pass.

Battery life is pretty good too. I’ve used the mouse continuously for seven days in a row, and the battery is barely at its 50% level. My only gripe is that the mouse doesn’t come with a built-in battery set.

Finally, as with all Logitech products, all the buttons on the M905 can be customised to do virtually anything from performing a simple click to launching a specific programme via the bundled Logitech SetPoint software suite. Unfortunately, there’s a price to pay for performance and luxury, and the Anywhere M905 will set you back $129 (at Challenger outlets). But if you work on the road often, don’t get much productivity out of a touchpad—and have the budget for a wireless mouse—then the Logitech Anywhere M905 should be high up on your shopping list.

Aaron Yip
A self-professed geek, Aaron Yip started out as one of the pioneer editorial staff of Hardware Zone during its early days in 2001, before founding the gaming arm of the media company - GameAxis. He later joined the Microsoft Xbox 360 team as its regional associate product manager. He recently set up a gaming media company that works with secondary schools and polytechnics with the aim to educate and promote the media industry using video games and gadgets as a platform.