Maiko me: Pose like the #Ayataka maiko and stand to win a trip to Japan!

2 April 2014 2:35 PM Updated 02 Apr 2014

Maiko me: Pose like the #Ayataka maiko and stand to win a trip to Japan!

From now till 11 April, you may take part in a contest by Heaven and Earth Ayataka Japanese Green Tea to win a pair of tickets for a five-day-four-night trip to Japan.

All you have to do is just snap a photo of yourself posing like an Ayataka maiko (apprentice geisha) and post it on Instagram or Twitter (make sure your account is set to “Public”) along with the hashtag #Ayataka.

You may submit as many entries as you like to increase your chances of winning. 

Available bottled or canned, Heaven & Earth Ayataka Green Tea gives you the most convenient way to enjoy the experience of drinking traditional green tea on-the-go.

In a taste test conducted in Kyoto, Japan, with 100 maiko (apprentice geisha) and geiko (geisha), Ayataka emerged as tasting closest to authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea among other leading Japanese green tea brands in Singapore, as well as the best tasting Japanese green tea [i].

The drink also has zero calories as well as zero grams of fat, carbohydrate or sugar.

Check out the verdict when we taste tested Ayataka!

Now it gets better, since you may enjoy the taste of authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea and stand to win a trip to Japan!

For more information, visit:

We pulled together some bloggers to show you how you to do the pose. There is no need for costumes, makeup or props needed to enter the contest, but they went ahead to have some fun.

Lifestyle blogger Carrie of pulled out her most dramatic kimono-sleeved top and put on her best zen face for this perfect shot below. 

Lifestyle blogger Carrie

Another lifestyle blogger Christina of added some crazy fun colours to her maiko look before shooting this frame below.

Beauty and lifestyle blogger, Christina

New mum and beauty-and-lifestyle blogger Ju Ann of toyed with the coy vibe, complete with chopsticks in her hair.

Beauty and lifestyle blogger, Ju Ann 

And Rachie of (below) pulled off a fun and casual pose for her maiko moment.

Rachie of

With all these fun and creativity bubbling online, it is little wonder that popular faces Bong Qiu Qiu, Nat Ho, MissTamChiak, DanielFoodDiary have joined in the latest activities with Heaven and Earth Ayataka Japanese Green Tea. So get creative, put on your best zen look and shoot your best maiko moment with #Ayataka for a chance to win a trip to Japan!

Heaven and Earth Ayataka Japanese Green Tea is available in 315ml cans, 500ml bottles and 1.5L bottles, priced from $0.75 to $1.75. It is sold at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and coffee shops across Singapore.

[i] Study was conducted by Ipsos KK, among 100 maiko & geiko through a face-to-face interview in Kyoto, July 2013.

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