7 online cake shops to buy from

By Victoria Lim
6 May 2014 12:16 PM Updated 13 Apr 2016

7 online cake shops to buy from

Buying a cake has never been easier, and the options are growing. Have your slice(s) delivered to your doorstep with these seven online cake shops; from cheesecakes to rainbow (or ombre) cakes, whatever your sweet tooth desires, these virtual bakeshops have them. 


Cat and the Fiddle
For cheesecakes from Bakerzin’s ex CEO
Former Bakerzin CEO, Daniel Tay, has embarked on a new cake – cheesecake to be exact – journey. Cat and the Fiddle is named after one of the characters in the quirky nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle". Additives and artificial colouring preservatives are not used in all of his ten flavours (more will be added, we hope). We liked the Emperor’s Romance (7-inch, $24.90), the lychee martini-in-cheesecake form. It is soft, and infused with a perfect ratio of tropical lychees to martini. Fans of the traditional cheesecakes can go for Over the Moon (a classic New York cheesecake; 7-inch, $19.90) and the Modern Duke’s Pudding (oreo cheesecake; 7-inch, $22.90). Get your order in before 2pm for the cakes to be delivered the next day.


Delcie’s Cake
For healthier cakes
Former art director of major advertising firm in Singapore, Delcie Lam gave up her cushy job to pursue her first love – baking. Due to a change in lifestyle, the vegetarian decided to rid her cakes of eggs and dairy products. Sounds impossible? Well she did it. Delcie’s personalized menu consists of gluten-free, healthier-choice, baby- and diabetic-friendly options. The Mud Fudge (5.5-inch, $40) uses 73 per cent dark chocolate with non-dairy cream glaze on chocolate cake, while the rainbow cake (5.5-inch, $70) is made with plant-based colouring, and has a strawberry ‘surprise’. Orders have to be placed two days in advance, via the website, or at 97892309.


Dough Empire
For chemical-free cakes by self-starters
You don’t need a grand reason to start something you like. Case in point, Dough Empire. Made up of a bunch of like-minded people with different backgrounds – from self-taught bakers to culinary students, these self-starters banded together to pursue their common love, baking for a living. Their philosophy show in their cakes: the rainbow cake (2kg, $130) is made with chemical-free colourings – for violet, the puree of blackberry; for blue, blueberries; for green, matcha; for orange, carrots; yellow, egg yolks; and for red, beetroots. Orders have to be placed two days in advance.  


Peanut butter and banana cake Edith Patisserie
For au naturel cakes
Run by two passionate bakers – Ethel Tan and Shaun Ong – Edith Patisserie is the result of their love and hard work. Having worked in professional kitchens, this pastry-loving duo started this online venture to give consumers another choice of an au natural cake. Their best-seller is a peanut butter and banana cake (8-inch, $50) is a three-layer moist banana sponge cake with peanut butter Swiss buttercream in between. For those with a lesser sweet tooth, their pistachio apricot cake (8-inch, $55) is roasted pistachio sponge cake spread with tangy and light apricot mousse, dotted with diced apricots. This is finished with shiny ivory glaze and topped with roasted apricots. Orders have to be placed three days in advance, placed over the web or via 96942442. You can also get a selection of their cakes at Flock Café, One Man Coffee, The Coffee Shot and Mean Bean & Wicked Grind.


Cake shop with rebellious roots
Self-taught baker, Rehana Jafir has created a reminder of her mum’s Sunday wholesome afternoon tea sessions with a touch of sinful indulgence (which, incidentally, mum forbids). Get these: the chocolate, salted caramel popcorn cake (6-inch, $45) and – the crowd pleaser – the One Banana Republic cake, made up of banana cake slathered with peanut butter and milk chocolate icing (6-inch, $45). Orders have to be placed seven days in advance. Alternatively you can get the cakes at Maison Ikkoku Café, Rouse on Dunlop and Craftsmen Specialty Coffee.  


Invertz Bakery
Cakes by word of mouth
Despite having worked at various restaurants (an Italian restaurant included), Nazurah Abdullah started started baking at home. She began baking for friends and family for special occasions. Word then spread around, and soon she was getting more customers. Seconds and thirds are a must when eating her banana cake slathered with thick chocolate icing (7-inch, $45) and her devil’s cake (7-inch, $45). Orders have to be placed three days in advance.


The ombre cake CRITIC'S PICK The Ugly Cake Shop
Online cake shop that gives to charity
This online cake shop with the self-deprecating name was created from a dream to feed the hungry – 20 per cent of their proceeds will be given to children in Timor-Leste. We think their cakes have a rustic, homemade (though definitely not discounted) look, filled with the best of natural ingredients. For example, they use real Madagascar vanilla extract instead of vanilla essence, and natural colourings. As if that isn’t draw enough, the Big Daddy (7-inch, $48) is a sinful cake made with nutella and Valrhona chocolates. The Sally (7-inch, $48) – one of the most popular – is a two layer chocolate cake slathered with creamy peanut butter frosting. Their three-layered ombre cakes are stunners, and versatile – orders can be made with any flavour for the whole cake; 7-inch, $110). Orders have to be placed three days in advance, via their website or at 82288300. Orders have to be placed three days in advance. Alternatively, get them at Pasar Bella, though these run out fast.


Victoria Lim has always believed in the power words have over one. Her ultimate dream is to rule the world with her words, but for now she will be conquering the foodie scene, one bite, one word at a time.


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