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Are you eating sushi the correct way?

By Deborah Wee
28 February 2014 1:58 PM Updated 28 Feb 2014

Are you eating sushi the correct way?

Not everyone knows the proper way to eat sushi, and one online site tries to teach you how (Picture: Screen grab / YouTube)

Everyone, probably the whole world, enjoys eating sushi but just how many people know how to eat the Japanese dish properly?

Food Beast, an online food resource, says that there is only one correct way of eating it, if there is such a thing, and the site produced a YouTube video about it.

The video begins with a series of re-enactments of supposedly common mistakes made when eating sushi. Piercing into and breaking the sushi and dropping the rice while trying to dip the sushi in soy sauce are no-nos. 

The correct way is to pick up the sushi with your fingers and dip it in the soy sauce fish-side down. The rice must not touch the soy sauce, not that it needs it since it is already flavoured. The sushi is then placed on your tongue fish-side down as well.

We're not one to judge, so let us know if you agree that there is only one correct way of eating sushi in the comments below.

Watch the video here:


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