What to eat at Jamie's Italian, VivoCity

By Priyanka Chand Agarwal and Celine Asril
18 July 2013 1:02 PM Updated 06 Mar 2015

What to eat at Jamie's Italian, VivoCity

Jamie's 'famous' polenta chips | Photo: Priyanka Chand Agarwal

Jamie Oliver's first restaurant in Asia opened on 17 July 2013 at VivoCity Mall. Jamie's Italian in Singapore is a 210-seater casual eatery with both al fresco and indoor seating, serving relatively affordable Italian fare. This chain is committed to only using free-range, sustainably sourced produce.

HungryGoWhere checked it out on the first day Jamie's Italian was open. The Singapore branch of the five-year-old UK restaurant chain caters mainly to walk-ins, although a small percentage of tables are reserved for those who book online via their website.

Here is a first look at the celebrity chef's Singapore restaurant:

The decor has a raw, industrial look while maintaining the warm style of Jamie's Italians all over the world: expect bespoke communal tables made by Singaporean craftsmen, open-plan kitchens and brightly coloured furniture.

The food is family-friendly Italian fare and all of Jamie's signature dishes make an appearance on the Singapore menu. You'll find home-style pastas, hearty mains, Jamie's signature starter 'planks' and generously-portioned desserts.

We ate our way through their menu to bring you our recommendations of what to eat at Jamie's Italian. Click on the photo below to view the gallery.

Jamie's Italian fish plank

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