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What we ate this week (11-17 Apr, 2014)

By HungryGoWhere Editor
17 April 2014 11:45 AM Updated 27 May 2014

What we ate this week (11-17 Apr, 2014)

Photo: Seasonal baby vegetables served with goats curd, dried black olives and ginger breadcrumbs at Salt Grill & Sky Bar | Priyanka Chand Agarwal

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Here's what we ate this week (in case you missed it): 

- We spent the afternoon at the Sake Festival organized by Orihara Shoten, and got a sake-ducation of sorts. We tried several varieties of sake, umeshu, Japanese liquors and sake blends.

- On Sunday we worked hard for our dinner. It cost us $18 for the first hour, and a whole lot of effort. See below:

- Mother's Day celebrations arrived in the form of Bakerzin's Tango Bianco cake (serves 8-10 persons, $60). Don't say we aren't looking out for you – there's also a deal when you place your order now. 

- What a dream of a restaurant Portico is. Thriving herb planters, a passionate chef, a €40,000 (almost S$70,000) coffee machine and an incredibly good value (and good-tasting) tasting menu. Read on for full details, or watch the video below. 

- We had lunch with chef Luke Mangan at his Salt Grill & Sky Bar, he was in town to introduce new, seasonal dishes to the menu. 

- Big news, y'all: changes at the The Sentosa Resort and Spa and upcoming Michelin starred chefs at The Cliff.

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