What we ate this week (8-15 August 2014)

By HungryGoWhere Editor
15 August 2014 11:25 AM

What we ate this week (8-15 August 2014)

A plate of South Indian fare from Annalakshmi | Photo: Priyanka Chand Agarwal

There has been a lot of eating and drinking recorded on HungryGoWhere's FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts.

In case you missed it... 

- We were at a secret pop-up lunch. So shhhh, not a word. Here's a video for what we ate (you didn't see anything).    

- We have a soft spot for Annalakshmi's buffet. Maybe it's the home-cooked South Indian fare, the pay-as-you-wish fee or the friendly service. Or, all of the above.

- These 'giant fancy gems' ($6 per packet) from Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux are our current go-to-snacks. 

- Oooh spicy and shiok! We took Tony's Pizza spice challenge and survived (with the help of the blue cheese dip).

- Our annual mooncake story is here! This year we highlight over 25 mooncake flavours and conduct the biggest mooncake giveaway. Now read and win

- Bacchanalia is the place to go for cauliflower gratin ($17), a light white truffle and cheese foam-based dish. And you can book a table via HungryGoWhere. Check out the video below for what we ate:  




- Giving new meaning to the term "melt in your mouth" is Keyaki's steamed Yamagata wagyu beef (three courses for $180). Keen? You can book a table through HungryGoWhere too. 

- We love our friends, more so if they bring back snacks from their travels. Here is Mumbai's thosai crackers.  

- Chef Daniel of the Lime Truck will be collaborating with Kerb Side Gourmet to bring something special for this weekend.


Celine Asril is guilty of taking pictures before tucking in to all her meals; it’s a [good] hazard of the job – this editor of HungryGoWhere never sits down to two of the same meals in a week. Need proof? Follow her work twitter feed at @HungryGoWhere.

Priyanka has worked in public relations and marketing for startups of all sizes before climbing off the corporate ladder to write about food and other delicious things. When not battling with HTML, she may be found furiously stirring a pot of curry in her tiny kitchen, shopping online or looking for the next ‘hot new restaurant’.

Victoria Lim has always believed in the power words have over a person. Her ultimate dream is to rule the world with her words, but for now, she will be conquering the foodie scene, one bite, one word at a time.

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