World's first dessert theatre to be held in Singapore

By Celine Asril
21 February 2014 2:08 PM Updated 22 Aug 2014

World's first dessert theatre to be held in Singapore

Christian Escriba and Patricia Schmidt pose with a miniature rendition of Fantasia by Escriba, made entirely of confectionery | Photo: Fantasìa by Escriba

Over the top desserts spread across two football fields, that's what you can expect from Fantasia by Escriba, the world's first live confectionery theatrical production.

Taking place in Singapore from 22 to 24 August 2014, the interactive showcase will be made almost entirely of chocolates, sugar and pastries, and will be held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Halls D and E.

It was announced on 2 April that this first-of-its-kind event has been postponed by two months. It was previously meant to be held on 27, 28 and 29 June 2014. Ticketholders can send enquiries to [email protected], or otherwise be informed of the changes in due course. 

On 24 April, the Fantasia by Escriba website was updated to be more user-friendly. 

In a missive to the media, the spokesperson for Escriba events, Maria Leow said, "given the sheer volume of speciality materials to be handled and the technical complexity of construction – as many of the items are being specially produced just for this show – our event set-up and take-down times have increased significantly".

animal peniFANTASIAs
We got a sneak peek of some of the edible goodies at Fantasia by Escriba. Our favourites (from top) the chocolate lips, strawberries coated with golden sugar and mint leaves coated with chocolate.

Christian Escriba, the man behind this dessert extravaganza, runs Pasteleria Escriba. The 1906-founded and still family-owned pastry shop is a Barcelona, Spain, icon. Christian Escriba is the fourth-generation owner and master pastry chef. His father, Antonio Escriba, was regarded as the "Magician of Chocolate". 

The pastry chef is known for his out-of-this-world creations, as well as his role as a judge on MasterChef Spain 2013 and 2014. He is known for producing Candy Glam rings displayed in the jewellery sections of Harrods in London and Galleries Lafayette in Paris. He has also produced signature confection items for international luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes, as well as chocolate shoes. 

With his wife and fellow acclaimed sugar craft pastry chef, Patricia Schmidt, Escriba also made the elBulli dog for the closing of Ferran Adria's famed restaurant, among many other big commissions. 

What to expect at Fantasìa by Escribà

Fantasia by Escriba will be a four-hour journey.

The showcase will see all of their skills combined, and more: the live theatrical production with confectionery will be spread over 8,000 sqm of space (roughly equivalent to two soccer pitches). There will be eight "pavilions"; each pavilion denotes an area with a specific theme. 

The pavilions are: Nature, The Tea Room, Escriba Luxury Boutique, Chocolate Theatre, The Bridge from Barcelona to Asia, Escriba Academy, Future of Pastry and Wonderland. Visitors are encouraged to eat as they walk through the pavilions. 

Visitors will walk through an entrance made of candy floss (to represent clouds) and a tall two-metre confectionery moon with blinking eyes.

Once through the magical entrance, they will come to a real Baobab tree with chocolate mint leaves, surrounded by life-sized safari animals made with chocolate, meringue and sugar (Nature pavilion).

There will be an eight-metre-tall multi-tiered cake and an edible eight-by-four-metre wall surrounding the cake in The Tea Room. 

The Luxury Boutique is an open kitchen in which visitors can view the chefs making the creations, and purchase items like the Candy Glam rings and chocolate shoes. 

At the Chocolate Theatre, a staged performance of The Story of Chocolate will be held, and visitors will be able to enjoy chocolate on tap, as well as chocolate bodypainting.

There will be performances by acclaimed Spanish Theatre group, the Comediants, throughout Fantasia. The group are known for their work in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics closing ceremony. 

There will be a lab set up at the Future of Pastry for a peek into the pastry of the future, as well as masterclasses at Escribà Academy. 

Finally, the Wonderland – the biggest pavilion of the eight – a 2,000 sqm play area in which children can take part in "cake wars", and ride around in little bicycles. 

 Fantasi By Escriba
Christian Escriba describes the Fantasia floor plan via a miniature model made entirely out of confectionary | Photo: Priyanka Chand Agarwal

More about Fantasia by Escriba

"Fantasia by Escriba is not just about creating larger than life showpieces, but creating an experience that engages the senses, one that we hope will be unforgettable," said Escriba. 

"Fantasia by Escriba is a platform to helping expand the Escriba brand and philosophy from its 107-year continuous history into Asia," said Paul Wakefield, executive chairman of Escriba Asia Private Limited. "By bringing together elements of theatre, artistry, confections and throwing in a massive dose of creativity, we hope to add another dimention to the overall experiential process," he added. 

There will be regular showcases across the three-day event weekend and special showcases at selected timeslots. The special showcase includes an adults-only [email protected]ìa (Saturday 23 August) and one called The Longest [email protected]ìa (Sunday 24 August) that will feature free-flow housepours.

Ticket prices for Fantasia by Escriba are priced at $58 to $88 per child, and $98 to $128 per adult (18 years old and above), per show.

Children aged three and below will have free entry for the regular timeslots.

Ticketholders will be able to buy and enjoy a variety of signature Escriba foods, confectionery and beverages. The value in the visitors' Fantasia Passport will correspond to the price of their purchased tickets. Top-ups can be made via NETs or credit card, and are available in $20 and $40 increments. 

Fantasia by Escriba will be held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Halls D and E from 22 to 24 August 2014. Tickets are on sale and can be bought here

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