Hawker Guide: Newton Food Centre

Newly renovated, these are the 10 stalls to try at Newton Food Centre. Yes there is more than just seafood to be had there
16 July 2014 12:19 PM | Updated 06 May 2016 By Tris Marlis
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What to Eat
This year's glutinous rice dumplings are getting bigger, better, and even crazier than before. Look forward to bak chang packed with abalone, sea whelk, salted egg yolk custard and even crocodile meat
What to Eat
More, more, more! These halal certified joints serve not just Malay and Peranakan food but tables heaving with the best international cuisine. Here are 12 halal buffets to look forward to
What to Eat
If there is one neighbourhood that can lay claim to truly having a myriad of cultures and a good mix of people from lower middle, middle and upper economic classes, it is the Beauty World area

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