14 Valentine's day recipes

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6 February 2013 3:00 PM Updated 08 Feb 2013

14 Valentine's day recipes

The way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through their stomaches – we know this from first-hand experience.

Slaving away in the kitchen all day may not be your idea of romance, but small efforts do go a long way: a shaving of truffles here and a dollop of cream there makes the perfect meal for the man/woman of your dreams.

The perfect Valentine’s meal is, in our humble opinion, home-cooked and with that special someone (bonus points for candlelight dining). Which is why we have recipes, for every kind of appetite, preference and skill. 

Here's a menu that begins at drinks and goes all the way to desserts, and even includes a take-home food gift.  Asian or western, vegetarian or carnivorous – get ready to woo and wow on V Day:



Sparkling yuzu-infused gin with cucumber

A refreshing gin based cocktail with yuzu and a hint of cucumber

Strawberry yoghurt bubble tea cooler recipe

A fruity, summer drink for the non-drinkers



Truffle and parmesan butter

Two heady flavours make for big, buttery slathers

Healthy fruit, nut and seed bread

An Omega-3-rich loaf made without butter and eggs.



Roast beef crostini

An easy one-bite starter with a kick

Shiitake mushroom salad

Light, airy, and hot and sour - thanks to its spices’ Thai predilection



Squid grilled with nam prik phao and basil

A spicy seafood dish with Thai flavors; served with rice

Bacon and tomato pasta in pink sauce

A dash of cream gives this pasta a luscious pink hue

Grilled eggplant with miso sauce

Light, but meaty eggplant with Japanase inspired sauce and a dollop of yoghurt

Truffle and mushroom risotto

 Earthy, hearty dish of fungi and fungi mixed into rice


Rosehip poached pears

Pears infused with the fruit of rose plant

Red velvet cake

The perennial favorite cake, in the color of love

Pandan crème brulee

A screwpine-flavoured coconut custard with a caramelised sugar crust



Chocolate truffle cake pops

Chocolate cake-on-a-stick to take home


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