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3 bento boxes kids will love

By Yvonne Ruperti
5 October 2012 11:13 AM Updated 05 Oct 2012

3 bento boxes kids will love

Kids are famous for being picky eaters, especially when you want them to have a healthy meal. Cute bento boxes do the trick to drum up interest and appetites. The following recipes show how to create adorable bentos with your kids. A healthy lunch and help to make it, and it does get better than this - see below:


Angry Birds bento
Kids win by gobbling up this chicken sandwich and scrambled eggs lunch box



Hello Kitty bento
A sweet, fruity lunch box for the cat-loving girlie crowd



Finding Nemo bento
A whole new underwater world that fits in a lunch box, and the tummy


In her former life in the United States, Yvonne Ruperti was a pastry chef, bakery owner, magazine writer, and cooking show co-host on America’s Test Kitchen TV. Now based in Singapore, she still writes for and maintains her own food blog. When not at work, she is busy concocting up recipes for a new cookbook.

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