3 flavourful healthy recipes

By inSing Editors
14 August 2012 6:50 PM Updated 28 May 2015

3 flavourful healthy recipes


A meal doesn't have to be dripping in oil to be flavourful and delicious. We've rounded up three robust yet healthy dishes, each holding their own; from being spiced up with prickly chillies and ginger, to hearty, crunchy textures made with oats. Baked, raw and healthy. Ditch those calorific treats in favour of these. 


Vietnamese spring rolls
Fresh, sprightly, rice paper spring rolls with fish sauce dip make easy party fodder



Crispy chicken
Better than KFC - marination, oats and baking make these drumsticks healthy and flavourful



Orange sweet potato bread
Tear into these complex carbohydrates for handy snacks - so good you can eat it on its own

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