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3 French recipes, as seen in The Hundred-Foot Journey

By Le Cordon Bleu
14 August 2014 12:04 PM Updated 01 Oct 2014

3 French recipes, as seen in The Hundred-Foot Journey

Photo: Flickr | Connie Ma

A common case of food envy is what we get when it comes to watching food movie, such as Chef and Julie & Julia. With this new Indian and French food movie coming up, The Hundred-Foot Journey, our case of the food envies gets even bigger.

We've compiled three French recipes (seen in the movie) from Le Cordon Bleu Cuisine Foundation, that will satiate your cravings. 

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Soupe a l'oignonSoupe a l'oignon
French onion soup for the soul
Omelette aux fines herbes
The French way to cook an omelette
Gratin dauphinois
A crowd-pleaser is what you would say of this traditionally French layered potato dish
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