3 healthy, steam-cooked dishes

By Bee Yinn Low
25 May 2012 8:30 AM Updated 22 May 2015

3 healthy, steam-cooked dishes

Photo: Bee Yinn Low

Cooking by steam is one of the healthier ways to prepare a dish, but to ensure the meats are cooked thoroughly and successfully, there are tips and tricks you should follow.

First, make sure the water is boiling before setting the dish in for steaming; try to resist lifting the lid while the dish is steaming – it is best to use a glass lid for easy viewing of the cooking dish; and have enough water in the wok or pot for steaming. The art of steaming really isn’t that hard to master.


Steamed chicken with Chinese sausage
An easy, earthy one-plate dish with lap cheong and mushrooms
Teochew-style steamed fish fillet
Healthy Chinese staple with an addictive, clear, salty-and-sour broth
Steamed tapioca with shredded coconut
A healthy, nutty traditional Asian dessert


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